Interlude VI: Lady Mendel
A small glimpse...


"What an intriguing choice for a partner."

Rin mused to herself as her young chaperone sped off to who knows where in the fairly large hall. What did she ever see in that young man? He was neither bright, nor even well-groomed. She will admit that he was fairly handsome though. He simply needed a bit more training to suit her standards.

"Here's your drink Miss."

A passing server filled an empty glass in her table with what she assumed to be wine of some kind. Sparkling red liquid flowed out of the tilted bottle and onto the waiting glass. An unoccupied hand took the now filled glass off from the table, while giving a smile of acknowledgment to the server.

"Thank you." Rin swirled the glass of wine in her hand. How polite of them.

Nodding to the bowing server before he sped off to another table, the woman observed the room with curious eyes while discreetly sniffing the red liquid in her glass.

"Red wine..." She whispered to herself. "A sweet grape-like
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