Interlude VII: Athena II
Athena struggled to keep herself awake as she stared blankly at the door, emerald eyes peeled as her paranoia locked her deep beneath her curled up blankets. They were going to come in through that door any second now. She just knew it..

No use in running.

What was the point? There's no use running.. Mother always got what she wanted.

Four days was a lot of time you wasted just hiding.

What else can she do then?! Surely there's surveillance now going on outside of this hotel! She won't even last a minute without screaming out her location for all of them to see!


The rattled novelist froze in her place as a small click came from the direction of her door. Her heart rang in her ears as she fought against her urge to scream. Was it her?! Was her life over?

Or maybe you're just hallucinating, what with not eating since Sunday.

Hunger was the least of her worries when Mother can come crashing in any second now. Ignoring her body's loud protests, Athena crawled over to the only thin
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