VI.II Sleepless Beauty
Eremes was not having a good day.


Having installed the last part of the carpets, they were finally ready to start retrofitting in the platforms that would later become the main stage of the auction.


Even now boards upon boards of thick plywood and steel beams were being unloaded onto the floor, each piece echoing a resounding thud as they hit the ground near the back end of the hall.

The miffed boss found himself pinching his nose every time one of his workers dropped more of their required building materials onto the floor. Whoever was the tenant underneath that spot, he just wished that he or she was either not in their room, or would forgive them for the amount of noise they were making.


"Is this really necessary boss?" Ryan asked beside him, cringing along with the beat as each crash of dropped material sent a ringing tone through his ears. "Shouldn't we be, y'know, quiet?"

"This is my fault." The head admitted as he too shuddered with the amount of noise t
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