VI.III Sleepless Beauty

The intimidated repairman sighed as the door slammed shut in the irate woman's wake, wincing as the loud bang echoed throughout the hall.

"Well, that just happened."

Eremes thought he had steeled himself from the worst of the complaints, but in the end, he didn't expect such a vitriolic display of cold rage to wash over him today. Especially since it came from the one person that he actually thought would understand. Bitchy as she may seem a few seconds ago, Athena wasn't one for needless tongue lashings.

Unless if it was for her own enjoyment.

Not that he could fault her for it. Besides, if it was him that was sleep deprived, he would launch on a tirade of his own.

"Who was that boss?" One of his men asked as the head approached the work area.

"An angry tenant complaining about the noise," Eremes muttered in disdain. These guys really need to control themselves every once in a while. "Everybody listen up!" The head of maintenance called as he gathered up his unruly crew. "
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