VI.IV Sleepless Beauty
Stepping inside what was now looking like his final resting place, Eremes found himself dangerously close with what seemed to be his meditated murder by the hands of a sleep-deprived tenant. He positioned himself by the farthest corner of the elevator, trying his best to put as much distance between himself and his would-be executioner.



"Where to Eremes?" The terrified repairman flinched at her sudden query, her sweet tone off-putting compared to the current tension he was feeling.

"G-ground floor."

Wordlessly, the serene novelist made the input on the elevator panel, closing the elevator doors and sending both of its occupants towards their desired destination, before then settling back to her previous state of staring back at her apparent hostage, an uncanny smile still adorning her face.


Eremes was at a loss for words, his gaze darting back and forth between the very interesting view of the setting sun from the glass windows, and the looming visage of a woman s
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