VII.V Uplifting Spirits
"Remind me again why we're getting shitfaced drunk on a workday?" Agreeing to this was a bad idea. "You do know I still have work tomorrow right?"

The tired head complained as he downed another shot of what he counted as drink number ten. The Hermit, was it called? He honestly couldn't remember anymore, a headache already brewing as he lamented the fact that he still had work in maybe eight to nine hours or so. Why did he agree to this? "Cause honestly, even your presence can't even justify it anymore."

"You agreed to my offer anyway, so why are you blaming me?" To his side, Athena was wide awake and raring to go drinking again. It seemed that her alcohol-induced nap gave her more energy instead of a crippling hangover.

He would kill for that kind of power.

"It's not like you didn't have the chance to turn me down or anything~" The rejuvenated novelist slurred. "And you didn't tell Zofia to stop serving you stuff!~"

"Right you are!~" Oh god.. Now there's two of them. "Youu don't blame
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