11. The end of the beginning

Soon, there's a circle opened right in the middle of their palms. They were glowing with blue light. Without holding back, Orzo and Luke drove the energy inside the mechanical core on their body and shot 30cm diameter thick, laser beams. 

Watching the firepower that coming to it, the creature smiled and muttered softly, "*Impressive.*


A huge explosion, accompanied with a powerful shock wave, occurred right as the laser beams hit the creature. Their combined might had made the ground around them tremble as the explosion expanded in all directions with the form of sphere, eradicating anything in its radius. 

With no intention to halt his attack, Luke glanced at Orzo for a brief moment and shouted, "Run!" 

Stopping his assault, Orzo quickly closed his palm and stared back at Luke for a few seconds. Eyes filled with uncertainty. But didn't want to waste the opportunity that Luke created for him, he activated his jet thrusters and flew to the sky. 

Accelerating his thrusters, Orzo said his last words to Luke, before their distance was too far away to connect for private intercom, "Hang in there, Luke. I'll bring you reinforcements shortly." 

Seeing that Orzo's figure had become a dot in the distance, Luke sniggered as he muttered, "Don't jinx me to die, damn you." 

Noticing that he had already spent more than half of his core energy, Luke closed both of his palms and switched on his armor's gauntlets. Looking at the results of their attack, Luke frowned his eyebrows as his expression became serious. 

'Did I get him? ….no, it shouldn't be this easy.' 

If they could finish it off just like that, he won't be in a hurry to make Orzo run away. He had seen the status of champions class Abominations, obtained right from the era of war years ago. If they had combined their beams with magic, then perhaps. But with just their beams, it shouldn't be strong enough to kill a champion in one attack.

Suddenly, before Luke could even react, a huge arm had punched him right on his stomach, blown him ten meters away in a single hit. 

Rolling down on the ground for another five meters, Luke's body stopped as he coughed up a mouthful of blood from his mouth. 

"[Warning! Warning! Detected host had suffered internal injury. Immediate treatment is suggested.]" 

"[Warning! The armor's durability had been reduced to 71%. Several parts had been damaged, especially in the abdomen area.]"

Series of alarms sounded as Luke tried to make sense of what had just transpired. Standing right where Luke once stood, the creature smirked with its stretched out fist and its whole left arm had gone. 

"*Not bad.*

Its voice sounded once again in his mind. But this time, each syllable of the creature's voice gave a headache to Luke's head and even made his vision blurred for a second. 

"Psychic attack.." muttered Luke as his face became grave. Soon, on the burnt left shoulder of the creature, a few strands of flesh started to grow and wriggle around. Shortly, the strands mend the damaged flesh and heal at speed that could be seen with naked eyes. 


Without any equipment or knowing any magic spells to defend against psychic attack, Luke jumped with his jet thrusters activated. Quickly running away from the place without a second thought. 

"*Not so fast, human.*

Smiling widely as the creature saw its prey tried to escape, its pointed its finger to Luke's direction and said, "*Go.*

Shortly, there's a dozen metallic constructs that were flying in the direction where the creature aimed. They were mechanical steel robots and usually called the humanoid form of Android drones. Each of them held energy based guns with every shot as strong as the intermediate spell, thunderbolts spell. 

After he had shaken off his disoriented mind from the punch, Luke gritted his teeth as he felt the rush of blood on his throat. A notification from his system, he noticed that there were several drones chasing him behind. 

'Holy crap, did the champion take control of the terrorist drones?' holding his breath unconsciously, Luke's forehead was full of sweats as he thought, 'I'm alone… and my drone is already badly damaged.' 

Without any help, Luke tried to feel the magic power inside him. Seeing that he had enough reserve to deal the drones with a complex spell, Luke nodded to himself and muttered, "it's now or never." 

Retrieving both of his handguns from his storage, Luke poured a big chunk of his magical energy into the weapon as he chanted a spell, "ᚲᛟᚾᚾᛖᚲᛏᛁᛟᚾ.. (Connection..)

Magic circuits began to spread into the bullet inside the gun's barrel, without stopping, he continued, "ᚲᛟᛗᛒᛁᚾᛖ: ᛟᛪᚤᚷᛖᚾ ᚨᚾᛞ ᛁᚷᚾᛁᛏᛁᛟᚾ... (Combine: oxygen and ignition...)" 

Gritting his teeth in pain, Luke shouted out loud as he chanted the next spell, as if he wanted to let out his frustration. 

"ᚨᚾᚾᛁᚺᛁᛚᚨᛏᛁᛟᚾ! (Annihilation!)"

The tip of the handgun started to shine in orange color as something small, just as big as a sesame seed, began to shoot from the handgun and flew at unnatural speed right into the midst of the drones. Half a second later, a sea of flame spread out in the air and engulfed everything on its path, including all of the drones. 

In the next moment, a shockwave erupted in the radius of five hundred meters. The flames started to move like a living being, swirling unto the shape of a giant sphere. The flames revolved nonstop until it became smaller, smaller, and so small that it disappeared completely. Leaving no ashes at all, with only just drifted smokes in the air as proof of their existence. 

"*Not bad, human.*

The creature's voice sounded again as this time, there's an unbearable screeching noise with the headache intensified. Soon, Luke found himself that he had almost screamed in pain with his hands holding his head. 


On his vision, he saw the creature floating in the air and in front of him. There was still some distance between them, but knowing the creature's speed, Luke knew that this distance would be meaningless. 

Clenching his grip on his handguns, he was about to continue to fight with all of the magic he could do, before something that happened had taken all of their attention.

Both the creature and Luke felt the air had trembled, everything felt twisted even just for a brief, few milliseconds. Earthquakes occurred, one with more intensity than before as all winds in the sky howled into a certain direction. 

"[Warning! Warning! A high radiation energy had been detected in the radius of eight hundred meters away.]" 

"[Comparing the data… Data had been found! It was detected as signs of the STD bomb that would occur. Evacuation to five kilometers away from the bomb would be advised. Please evacuate in 10 seconds!]" 

'What… Why.. How..' 

Luke felt that he had experienced the rollercoaster of emotions today. From the first revelation that the terrorist was helping the Abominations, his teammates got wiped out so quickly, until the appearance of the rumoured STD bomb suddenly was about to explode in less than half a minute later. 

'This was supposed to be a f*cking simple mission!' 

When he was recruited on a job to help the police force deal with some killers, he would think it was not a big deal as there was a squad of elites soldiers with advanced equipment against the shabby, murder hobo killers. But who had thought, reality was very different than what he had expected. 

Putting down his hands, Luke felt a sense of hopelessness, as he knew that for him to evacuate in ten seconds could only be described in one word. 


Even without the foe in front of him, even if he used the maximum speed and power of his jet thrusters, it was still impossible for him to get away in time. 

"I know I should go away the moment I had the chance.. Why did I even try to play the hero in this damned world…" 

Remembering his teammate, Orzo, he knew that he just let the hot headed guy alone and went back on his own. Instead, he chose to stay and deal with the enemy as his teammate ran away. He didn't even close with the guy. Just a colleague that fought a few times with him in the field. And more importantly…

He was not even a resident of this world. 

Soon, a huge pillar of light arose from that building and flew straight, piercing the sky. Looking at the spectacle, Luke understood that his death was near and only could mumble a few words. 

"Ahh… crap... "

"*Aaarrrghhh*" shouting out loud as it sensed that something was very wrong, the creature swiftly fled into the distance as the pillar of light began to shine more brightly in the area, as if a second sun with the shape of pillar had descended. 

Shaking his head as he saw the champion tried to run away and think it was futile, Luke was about to lament and curse how cruel fate was and so on, before another unexpected scene happened. 

As the light became so bright that it was blinding, the time of the planet suddenly stopped. Watching everything come to a halt, including the fleeing away's champion, Luke's mind became stunned as he thought he must have been hallucinating. 

Then, right on the left area of his, the air immediately cracked, as if pieces of glass had broken and fabric of reality was destroyed. Behind that fabric of reality that had broken was a darkness that stretched into the horizon, an endless void. 

'What the f*ck!??' 

If he could move, his jaw probably already widened so big that it was enough to hold a few eggs in it. Not only was he about to prepare to die, but another unexplainable scene had occurred and which blew away everything he knew. 

Shortly, unknown force with indomitable strength sucked everything on its path into the void. Starting from the champion, the air, and finally, him. 

Didn't even able to move a finger as he watched himself flying to the void, there's only one thing that Luke thought of right now. 

'Ah.. I want to go home and drink hot chocolate…'

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