The Wendigo Prince

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The Wendigo Prince

By: Ans CompletedFantasy

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“That power has robbed you of your soul. But, the power will also be able to protect people and Kingdom. You decide which is more important to defend!” Greraver was born to bear the guilt of his father. He became a nightmare for his people. He thought the world was not created for him, or He was not designed for the world. Become a human who can transform into a wendigo monster at any time, filled with a thirst for flesh and blood of a human. He was trying to defeat the curse. But another option just came up. Stay strong and terrible to protect his people and Kingdom, or ... become a normal human and lose it all. The Wendigo Prince!

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Friendship Of Wendigo Prince
Two body was on the floor, their heads drooped and eyes wide. Blood was flowing from the gaping wounds on their bodies. A view that made Greraver feel very nauseous. Hundreds of worms like wriggle in his stomach. He turned his face to look away. He didn’t want to see the two bodies. Unfortunately, his heart beat faster the more he tried to ignore it. Nausea mixed with hunger took over his mind. Greraver’s body turned hot. His skin slowly turned red, it cut his breath off, and sweat poured heavily. He closed his eyes, trying against his own will. A minute later, things got tense. Greraver roared! His voice echoed, sounding hoarse, a long howl, and filled with agony. The Greraver’s body curved back. He growled in pain while simultaneously venting anger. His screams from the top of the tower echoed, filling the castle. Greraver’s roar was heard outside the palace. Frightened gripped the guards and maids. The people working inside the palace shuddered in horror at the sound. They knew
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Escape From The Castle
It was dark when a pair of Dielh’s brown eyes scanned behind a large tree. He watched the movements of every guard in front of the tower of the Vain Dominion Royal Palace door. At least four guards were there. Two were standing and looking in all directions. The other two were walking around to ensure safety.That night the air was cold and gripping for Dielh. He was on a great mission to bring his best friend out of suffering. On the other side, he was also committing a crime for violating the rules of King Zulniex.King Zulniex gave a tight guard to the palace tower. He made sure that Prince Greraver had no chance of getting out. The tower doors were always locked. On each floor leading to the top of the Prince’s room, they installed a steel-glazed door. Only Dielh, King Zulniex, and General Vigolous could enter the place.Dielh came out of the darkness and walked closer to the guard at the tower door while dragging a dead body. He tried to remain calm, even though his heart almost
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The Magic Fruits
The monster had no eyeballs, but Dielh could feel that the Wendigo’s eyes were looking at him. The smell of fresh blood from Dielh’s wounds stimulated the Wendigo to emerge and dominate Greraver’s body. Dielh’s body trembled with fear. His face was as white as cotton. He realized now they were in the jungle. Anything happened. There was no one there but the two of them. They were not in the palace Castle, and this was the wild. He must protect himself from the Wendigo in front of him without hurting Greraver. “Gre! I haven’t showered yet, ok! My smell is rotten, and my flesh tastes bitter because I often drink potions. You remember that, right?” Dielh raised his hand. He tried to talk to Greraver even though he knew it was useless. Dielh wasn’t sure that the Wendigo before him could hear. The Wendigo’s skull did not show that it had ears. “Grrrrrrrrrrr...” the Wendigo growled and slowly approached Dielh. Death seemed closer in front of him. Every step of Wendigo became a threat to
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The Old Man
Greraver needed more focus. Someone pulled him towards a narrow alley. His eyes turned dark, and his face, which turned red, returned to normal color. Greraver could not smell the smell of meat from where he stood now.“Don’t make a mess here. People in the market could have killed you,” said the man who pulled Greraver.The man whispered. They were in a crowded market. Sellers were shouting offers, and buyers were busy talking to each other. Even if that man didn’t whisper, no one would hear the man’s words.Greraver felt surprised and gazed at the man. How dare he pull his hand in such a rude manner! His forehead wrinkled, and his face was tense. He tried to remember if he knew the man in front of him.“Who are you?” he asked.“I’ve seen it all, and I know who you are. If the monster shows up now. You’re gonna kill many people. Or even you get killed.”Greraver’s brows coalesced at the man’s words. He thought that this man knew a lot about him. But how was it possible? This was the
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The Secret Sword
“How do you know everything?” Greraver needs more patience. From then on, the man did not answer his question at all.The man stood up and headed for a closet in the room. He opened the door and revealed a neatly lined row of Swords. He picked up a sword and closed the cabinet door.Then the old man sat down in front of Greraver and Dielh. He put the sword on the table. Judging by the color, they made the sword of gold. They carve the sword’s hilt in the shape of a wolf’s head. It was luster indicated that they preserved the sword well.“I make this sword of one pair. One for the King of the Vain Dominion Kingdom and the other for the Crown Prince of that Kingdom. The king himself ordered this sword for you. I made this sword twenty-one years ago when your mother, Queen Venes, was rumored to be pregnant.”Greraver’s eyes did not blink looking at the sword. It filled his heart with happiness. It turned out that his father had prepared him to become crown prince. Even when they had just
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Man Power
The food on the table was so strong that it smelled of the four people sitting around it. They examined the food on a serving plate and copper with bare eyes. The hungry stomach and the delicious dishes Silvia had just served did not interest them in eating immediately.“Contemplating the problem does not make the problem solved. We’ll figure out how to deal with it.” The older man opened the silence at the dining table.Greraver, Dielh and Silvia simultaneously looked at the man.“What’s your name?” asked Greraver. He just remembered that they had not yet known each other.The man put his hands on his chest and slightly lowered his head, full of honour to Greraver.“I am the Teraus. I was a designer and a weapon maker in the Vain Dominion Kingdom. When the Vain Dominion Kingdom was in the hands of King Destian. The vain Dominion Kingdom was the most modern kingdom on the European continent. I am always innovating and designing new weapons of war for the brave warrior.” Teraus said wi
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Testing The Power Of Greraver
Greraver’s body began to rise. He could smell raw meat. Silvia placed the meat on the stone, as Teraus ordered. The smell of raw meat stirred Greraver’s mind. Hunger took hold of him. His face turned red, and his blue eyes darkened. Greraver knew the Wendigo got ready to take over his body. “Keep calm, Prince. Master yourself and your mind!” Teraus shouted behind him. Step by step, Greraver was getting closer to the stone in the middle of the yard. His heart was beating faster. Two steps before he arrived at the stone, Greraver’s body convulsed. Greraver’s back curved backward. He cried out in pain. A few seconds later, Greraver’s scream turned into a roar. He turned into a Wendigo figure. Quickly, the Wendigo jumped onto the stone. He grabbed the meat and tore off large pieces of meat with his teeth. The tearing of the flesh due to the Wendigo’s sharp teeth made Dielh shudder. He turned to look at Teraus. The man looked seriously at what the Wendigo was doing. Teraus’s gaze was s
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Greraver's and Gigantic Bird
Dielh’s face went pale. What would he tell his father if Greraver died?“Teraus! Greaver died?!”Teraus approached Dielh’s body. He crouched down and checked the pulse on Dielh’s neck. Then shook his head slowly.“He is fine. Pick him up and lay him down in that house. Silvia has prepared everything. You can stay in my second home,” Teraus said while pointing somewhere.There was a house smaller than Teraus’s house. In front of the house, they saw Silvia coming out. She had just finished cleaning the house. Dielh immediately picked up Greraver’s stocky body and rushed him into the small house. Teraus followed them.“There are two beds for you both inside. I have prepared everything,” said Silvia softly.Dielh smiled faintly, nodded, and rushed Greraver into the house. The front of the house was higher than the land in front. The floor was made of wood, and the walls were stone.No room inside the house. When Dielh entered the house, there were two wooden beds and a table set with four
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Zera The Prince Of Second Athens
The girl showed a cold face to Greraver. A beauty that has an aura of killing made Greraver admire and shudder at the same time.“For a long time, you just think about your life and yourself. You have no idea that the mess of your life has messed up.” The beautiful girl said in a flat tone. In her voice, there was a hidden emotion.“What do you mean?” asked Greraver.It was their first time meeting. This girl had accused him of messing up someone’s life?! Greraver always thought his life was the worst in the world.“Sit down.” the girl ordered.He sat in a chair closer to a window. Greraver followed the girl’s wishes. He sat down on the chair opposite the woman. Reflexively, he turned towards the window.The view outside the window took Greraver by surprise. He almost bounced off his chair. Greraver kept winking. His mouth dropped open in astonishment at what his eyes saw.“You are at my father’s castle, Prince Greraver. As you can see, this palace is indeed above the clouds. We are li
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Fatty Prince
Again, Torture threw Greraver from a great height. He fell in the backyard of the Teraus house. He rolled over on the grassy ground to avoid more serious bodily injuries. Somehow, the gigantic bird didn’t look friendly to Greraver.After throwing Greraver, Torture shouted loudly, flew high, and disappeared behind the clouds. Torture’s voice startled people in the Teraus house. It was almost midday. The sun had risen, and warm light hit Greraver’s body. He was still lying on the ground.“Gre! Where have you been?!” Dielh screamed as he ran from the Teraus house. He was so worried. When he woke up in the morning, Greraver was gone.Behind him, Teraus and Silvia appeared from the door. Their faces looked tense. At first glance, Teraus saw Torture’s shadow creeping into the clouds.“What happened?” asked Dielh. He panted and crouched down beside Greraver.“I… I just came from the first sky palace.” Greraver looked at Dielh.He felt like he had just woken up from a dream. Greraver was worr
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