17. Memories
"Xu Xuoguang! Come out right now!"

One of the three men started to take one of the vases nearby and smashed it to the floor. With an intimidating voice, he continued to shout, "If you don't come out, I'll burn this place to the ground!"

"I'm here, you punk!" Moving down from the staircase, Old man Xu, Xu Qingli, and Luke confront the three intruders.

Side glance at Luke, old man Xu smirked confidently and flung his sleeve and spoke with an irritated voice, "What do you want from us? Your presence is not welcomed. Leave!"

"You want to kick us out?" the shortest men of the group suddenly laughed as he said, "Sure. After you pay the protection fee! As well as those last year's protection fees as well! You dare to go without even giving us some farewell gifts eh?"

"Of course, you have to personally apologize to us too for chasing you to this place. Our boss would love to hear your apologies personally by your daughter. We would even take her to get some tea." another interjected, while
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