I'm The Progenitor Of Sin Cultivation

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I'm The Progenitor Of Sin Cultivation

By: EroVillain OngoingFantasy

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Mo Shen was a cultivator known across the world for his evil dead and lewd cultivation method, he was chased to the mountain peaks by emperors and powerful cultivators. Not willing to die, he used a forbidden technique that created a portal which poured demons into the world while his Soul was sent to a new world. I own the right to the cover.


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47 chapters
"You are courting death!" "You dickhead bastard, you have the guts to sleep with my wife and my daughters; I'm going to kill you today." "Let's catch him and chop his thing off and feed it to the dogs laying on the streets; a bastard like him doesn't deserve to live." "He killed my family just because he wanted to sleep with me and they refused." "You slayed everyone in my kingdom just to comprehend an evil law; you are a devil; you don't have to live anymore." - - -It was a mountainous land with mountain peaks reaching the sky and beautiful rivers beating at the bottom; the sound of the beautiful flow of water was disturbed by the continued scream. At the peak of the tallest mountain, a young man with a slim figure placed his hands behind his back and stared at the sky. He is Mo Shen, a cultivator who shook the world with his vile acts. He is such an overpowered evil character in this world that the good ones didn't have the guts to fight him except today, when his power was
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Evil 2
Unfortunately for them, their recognition of this spell was wrong. It's a forbidden spell, but it wasn't for the purpose they thought it was for. Mo Shen's cold eyes radiated power as he saw the last chance. His body glowed in a dark purple glow. This glow was intensely dense and extremely demonic; in fact, there was the appearance of a strange being in the glow. One of the most recognizable was the demon god of lust and greed. They were all charging towards him with lightning speed. However, no matter how fast they ran, they never seemed to get closer to Mo Shen. The glow in his body intensified; his orifices even started pouring out the dark purple glow. It was as though he was going to explode anytime soon.He opened his eyes, coldly staring at the sky and then at the humans on whom he has paused time. They are trapped in a time loop. It's more of a torturing technique than a battle technique; it kept them in a loop where they couldn't get out no matter how hard they fought
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Essence plain
_Essence Plain_ It's a world of martial arts and magic, where humans can wield extraordinary strength and also use magic. This can all be accomplished by the accumulation of an energy that flows in the air; it's called essence. It exists in different forms, but the main ones are qi essence, golden essence, and heavenly essence. With these essences, one can cultivate to become a being above humans and topple nations when they feel like it.Clenching Cloud SectFlying Lobster Kingdom, First Claw CityThis is one of the top sects in the midwestern continent of Essence Plain; it has a thing for genius, and anyone who graduates from this sect is regarded as a high-class cultivator no matter where they go in the midwestern continent. However, not everyone in this sect is a genius; most of them are just scumbags used as training puppets for the geniuses of the sect, and one of those scumbags was a young master of a low-class noble family, Mo Shen. He is currently seventeen and still on
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"Ok, since you want to die honorably, I'll take that as your last wish and give it to you." "I have a spare sword you can take it." The first outer court disciple tossed a sword to Mo Shen. Mo Shen stretched one of his fingers, and the sword stood on his finger. "Good catch!" The second one complimented, "Let's fight; I'll beat you first." Mo Shen nodded his head; he held the sword in the most basic way, causing another roar of laughter from the two. The first one started running towards him with his sword held tightly in his hands. Mo Shen furrowed his brow and observed the sword movements before stretching out his sword to attack the other party. Cling~ Both swords clashed with each other; the outer court disciple removed his sword and slashed again. "The strength of this body is extremely weak; I can't even swing the sword the way I want to." Mo Shen was quite disgusted at his new body, but only for its current strength. He chose the body because of its constitution and not
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Qi realms
The others were so surprised at the arrival of someone who was supposed to be dead by now that they wondered what had happened and how he had managed to survive the slap of Shen Yinyi. An extremely respected figure in the sect and geniusMo Shen didn't bother himself about them; after he reached his part of the hall, he sat on the mask and shut his eyes. The memories in his head are still hazy; he just wanted to calm his mind down and maybe get everything in his head at once. After one hour, he opened his eyes. At that time, all the scumbag disciples in the room had already left, and he could already guess the reason why they had left. Either some outer court disciples want to use them as punching bags to train their martial arts, or the sect has given them a task to complete at night while he is away. Anyway, he was glad they left. He is not used to such an amount of noise, and the heat that accumulated in the room because of their noise was extremely unbearable. Well, that as
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'Those bastards didn't do the job I pay them for, I'm going to beat the life out of those two anytime I see them. and you Mo Shen, I'm going to chop off all your finger one after the other for trying to lay hands on my woman. you're lucky elder Gui is here.' Li Yan stared at Mo Shen with deep hatred. He gritted his teeth and asked Shen Yinyi out of the mission hall. 'She has a good amount of yin in her body, she will make a good sex cauldron after I awaken the constitution in my body.' Mo Shen thought to himself. Elder Gui was placing some mission scroll back on the shelf so he didn't notice Mo Shen standing in front of the desk. In the mission hall, missions are ranked as F, E, D, C, B, A and S, with F being the lowest rank and S being the highest. The higher the rank of a mission the better the pay and the harder the mission is going to be. "I'm here to receive a mission." Mo Shen broke the silence. "What rank?" Elder Gui asked without bothering to look at the face of the sp
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When Li Yan spotted the corpse of the two of them the first them that came to his mind was Mo Shen followed by blame. He rushed towards the corpse of the first one which has a sword piercing from his back, he placed his hands on his body, it was already cold and their skin was already starting to pale. Li Yan eyes was filled with rage and killing intent, at the moment all he wanted to do was deal with the bastard that caused all of this which was no other than Mo Shen. 'That bastard, I'm going to kill him no matter what.' He yelled in his heart, he stood up from and then leaped into the sky to a height of about 20 feet. He landed several feets away from the corpse and with killing intent filled eyes he started moving away. The other scumbag disciples stared at the corpse for some time, they could not toss these corpse away. ....Almost five hours have passed since he started walking towards the flying lobster forest. Mo Shen stared at a place with the symbol which could be inte
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About time
"It's about time to get serious." Mo Shen thought to himself, With his calculation, with the amount of time he has spent on this golden tailed tiger, the amount of essence stored in it's body must have decreased so that it wouldn't be able to use any of those magic attacks anymore. At the moment, the tiger no longer attacked him instead it stood faraway, it's body moved as though it was trying to catch his breath. Mo Shen did not hesitate, he quickly set on his feet and soon approaches before the tiger with the speed that was only ten percent faster than any human being on earth. He sent his feet in for the first strike. Boom, his feet moved in a curve and hit the face of the tiger. After that he clenched his sword and released a normal downward slash, his sword flew through the air and made "Puchi!" sound as it hit it's body. Roar the tiger cried out in pain, it shook off the human from it's head injuring himself further but that was still merely enough to kill it. It easily
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"From the looks of it he has really changes a lot, it seems my slap has done a lot of changes in his personality, by the way he was in the mission hall, we should ask elder Gui." Shen Yinyi suggested. Li Yan nodded and both of them began walking towards the mission hall. When they got there they saw elder Gui reading a scroll and making certain corrections. They greeted him respectfully, he only nodded as a response not even taking his eyes off the book he was reading. Both of them asked the question they wanted to ask. "No can't do." Elder Gui gave his simple answer infuriating Li Yan, he clenched his fist; he wasn't even given him face despite his identity. Shen Yinyi held his hands and calmed him down before leading him outside. "Elder Gui is always like that, never caring, my grandpa helped him into this sect and still isn't gratified." Li Yan yelled furiously. "His mission must be F or E rank, but even with that there are a lot of possibilities that he won't make it back
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While hunting the last demonic cat beast, Mo Shen could feel a very powerful presence that dimmed on the battlefield. It was released only once, and when he tried to feel it one more time, he discovered that it was gone. He has nothing wrong with his head in anyway, which means that there is actually something that powerful in the forest.He was able to survive in this forest and hunt just because of the luck and survival instinct he has in him. If it wasn't for that, then it would be super unbelievable and impossible for him to survive even for one day; the beasts in the forest would have devoured him. Let's not forget that the cat race of demonic beasts hosts a large number of powerhouses, and they can be considered the strongest breed of demonic beast if there weren't dragons and sirens. Dragons are strong, while sirens have the ability to pierce into the soul and start destroying any human being from that point.Mo Shen fell to the ground immediately after he won the last fig
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