22. Hostage
Passing the intersection of the street towards the shop, Luke was thinking of ways to prepare for the Myriad of Flowers valley. But then, he saw a crowd of people right in front of him. Realizing that the crowd was near the shop's entrance, Luke thought something must have happened and decided to dash to the front of the shop.

"That's the guy!"

One of the men in the crowd shouted and pointed his index finger at Luke. Turning his head towards the men, Luke frowned as it was the same thug he had beaten up last night. Then, Luke glanced at the surrounding people in the crowd and saw that all of them were those guys who sought trouble for him this afternoon.

"You guys again? Tell me what you have done or I will beat you up some more." said Luke as he was standing right in front of the group.

"Arrogant little sh*t! Let's see if you can still put up with your act! Oy, bring them here!" one of the thugs seemed to be greatly offended by Luke's words and waved his hand to the back of the gro
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