Scavenger Cultivator

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Scavenger Cultivator

By: YAYIN OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Saibot managed to survive in this tough world where it's kill or be killed. The world was filled With dangerous beasts everywhere and humans fighting each other, just staying alive was tough. But Saibot wasn't willing to accept defeat. He wanted to challenge "God" himself, even if it meant becoming the devil himself...

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11 chapters
Chapter 1
In the east of Hayami Continent, under a dark sky, Lightning Arrow boomed and red lightning flashed. Blood-colored rain fell on a ruined city. Among the wreckage, a cold Saibot watched a vulture. He quickly took it down and moved on, not bothered by the eerie scene. He passed broken shops and corpses, his destination - a medical store. The moment he knocked on the door, he passed out. A few hours later... "Ack, where am I?" Saibot looked around. As if on cue, an old man entered the room. "Good, you're awake." It was at this moment that his memories resurfaced causing him to experience a severe migraine. Saibot winced in pain as he grabbed his head. Flashes of the incident from 3 days ago resurfaced... "I remember now." He uttered wearing a grim expression. The volcano erupted, followed by an earthquake and a series of tornados... "I hid in a cave and watched as the sky split apart followed by a pair of gigantic purple eyes appeared on the sky. The next thing that happe
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Chapter 2
After an unknown amount of time, the popping sounds in Saibot’s body intensified and a lot of impurities within his body flowed out of the pores of his entire body.A spark of excitement lit up Saibot’s face. He stood and punched out, making a whooshing sound.Due to the small size of the cave, he couldn’t test his speed well. But punching made him feel stronger all over. "That Loranzo guy was right." Loranzo was a boxer whom Saibot noticed during his jThen, he rolled up his left sleeve.When he saw a tiny black dot there, Saibot took a deep breath, trying to calm down.“So, this is the first level of Qi Condensation!”He remembered what Yandu said. The dot meant he was starting to use Qi. There would be more dots as he got better.Touching the dot, Saibot felt excited about getting stronger. He looked outside, eager to try his speed at dawn.But soon, he felt suspicious. He went closer to the entrance and listened.It was still dark outside, but there were no strange noises.That n
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Chapter 3
They persevered until dusk, after which they departed from the city and established their encampment in an outdoor locale. The tents were promptly erected with some individuals opting to share while most preferred their own. They ignited incense and dispersed powder around the perimeters of their respective shelters.As it soon turned dark, they retired for the night. Solely Captain Litcht extended a benevolent gesture towards Saibot by providing him with a sleeping bag."The scent of the incense wards off wild beasts whilst the powder repels any peculiar entities that may lurk about. You rendered assistance today, hence Bam shall not trouble you as long as I am present. This location is secure.""The incense keeps beasts away, and the powder keeps weird things away. You helped today, so Bam won't bother you as long as I'm here. It's safe here."After he finished, he went into his tent. Saibot remained silent, casting a gaze towards the encampment of Captain Litcht before settling i
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Chapter 4
“They aren’t cultivators, but the viciousness when they fought, their grasp of timing, as well as their indifferent attitude toward death in critical moments allowed their killing prowess to be enhanced.”Even dealing with two at once might work, but facing three together would likely be too much. This realization made him more careful.As they got closer to the outside world, Saibot noticed the scavengers getting more relaxed. They started chatting and joking, except for Captain Litcht, who stayed quiet. Saibot wondered who he was, but he stayed cautious as they approached the edge of the forbidden zone. He kept his distance from the group and listened carefully to their talk.When it got dark, Saibot felt warm and looked around. He saw they were leaving the cold, desolate area behind and entering the outside world. It was still nighttime, but it felt different. Stars filled the sky, and there were normal sounds of animals, like a rabbit watching them from a distance.The change ma
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Chapter 5
"Firstly, achieve Foundation Building by the age of 15 years, becoming a rarely-seen heaven chosen. Secondly, pay 300,000 jun* worth of spirit coins and purchase a migration quota from Purple Earth, Vein, or the Litu Sect.”“Thirdly, make an outstanding contribution in alchemy for the human race. Fourthly, be taken in as a personal disciple by one of the great clans from Purple Earth, or by one of the Vein’s peak lords*, or the Litu Sect’s sect master.”“Oh, there’s a fifth way, which is to become a treasure nurturer. Think about it. Which method is suitable for you?”All the scavengers fell silent, especially when they heard the fifth method. Their expressions became very unnatural and their gazes revealed horror.Saibot focused his gaze. He had heard of the term ‘treasure-nurturers’ before.Back when he was in the slums, he had a few close companions with him who were taken away by some people dressed in luxurious clothes.It was said that they wanted to nurture them into treasure-n
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Chapter 6
“I’m 14 this year…” Saibot mumbled and then continued cultivating.Just like that, time slowly ticked on and very soon, five days passed. Saibot followed these scavengers to cross over mountains and travel across plains.Three people had left midway through the journey. This also verified Saibot’s assessment previously that these people had grouped together temporarily.By the seventh day, after the two blade-wielding scavengers left as well, only Saibot and Captain Litcht remained.On this night, at the foot of a mountain, Captain Litcht looked at Saibot. The latter took small bites of a bun next to the campfire while keeping some of the buns for later. After that, Captain Litcht slowly spoke.“Kid, we’ll be able to reach our destination tomorrow at noon. That’s the place I live at and it is also a campsite where scavengers gather.”Saibot looked up at the old man. The old man gazed into the far distance and continued speaking.“Scavenger campsites tend to be set up next to forbidde
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Chapter 7
One of the two youths stepped forward, shaking visibly. He faced a big red bear in the arena.The fight was quick and one-sided. The youth didn't stand a chance against the strong bear. He got torn apart, scaring everyone watching.The next youth, seeing what happened, said he gave up before his turn. People didn't like that.They made him leave, with Fire Possoms guiding him out.Then, it was the turn of a scavenger youth. He had to fight a big black wolf. His scavenging skills helped him win, but he got hurt.When he left, he held his chest and breathed hard.Next was a little girl. She had to fight a scary giant-horn python. Just as she was about to give up, Saibot stepped in."Let's trade," he said suddenly, giving her his stick.Saibot faced the python confidently, surprising everyone watching.He stayed calm as the snake came out of its cage. He dodged its attacks and found its weak spots. Slowly, he wore it down.Finally, Saibot stabbed the python and took out its gallbladder.
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Chapter 8
Saibot calmly approached the cage, and the giant-horn python within stared coldly at him as it slithered out. Its thick body caused a grinding sound against the metal poles.Sensing Saibot's difference, the python hesitated, coiling outside the cage, eyeing him warily. The audience grew excited, their commotion dying down.He advanced slowly. When he entered the python's range, its pupils flashed with murderous intent, tail slamming the ground, propelling it forward. Its jaws opened wide, aiming to devour Saibot.Unfazed, Saibot dodged to the side, eyes fixed on the python's belly. As it lunged again, he waited, observing for the right moment. When the tail lashed out, he struck, his punch sending it recoiling.Angered, the python charged, attempting to coil around him. Saibot seized the opportunity, landing punch after punch, causing cracks to form on the snake's belly.Not wasting time, Saibot drew his dagger and plunged it into the python's flesh, blood spraying. Amidst its cries,
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Chapter 9
“I’ve finally broken through.”Saibot stood up and punched out, producing a crisp sound echoing through the air. In fact, the blast of wind even caused the door to the house to shake a little.If the current him fought against that giant-horn snake, Saibot believed that he could blast through the belly scales of the snake with a single punch.Not only that, but his senses were also sharper than before. His vision was clearer, and his hearing also became more sensitive. Hence, the sounds of knocking from outside the courtyard could now drift into Saibot’s ears.Saibot started and walked to the side of the house’s door. Under the moonlight, he peered through the gap and saw the figure of the little girl standing outside the courtyard’s gate.It seemed that she had injuries on her body, and she was trembling slightly.Saibot frowned. He originally didn’t want to bother about this, but the girl persisted and continued to knock lightly.Hence, a long time later, Saibot finally pushed the d
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Chapter 10
Saibot didn’t immediately pay attention to the things for sale in the shop. Rather, he first took a look at the people in the surroundings who came to shop.There were a total of seven people. Some were browsing through the items for sale, some had their heads lowered as they contemplated, and some were bargaining. Two among them, one skinny and one fat, seemed to be part of a group.The fat guy had a rotund figure, while the skinny guy had a horse-like face. Their attitudes were unyielding, and spirit energy fluctuations that weren’t weak radiated from them. One of them was currently scolding the little girl as though he was very unsatisfied with her answers. As the little girl anxiously apologized, Saibot began to check out the merchandise in the shop.Things were the same as what he had guessed. This place was a general goods shop. There were alchemy pills, weapons, clothes, food, etc. They had everything.Hence, he retracted his gaze and walked to the counter. He then calmly spo
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