31. Now or never

Staying silent for a while, Luke glanced around once more to see if there were any gaps for him to exploit. Shaking her head, the woman spoke with an irritated voice, "No need to bother yourself to think of running away. Even your legs are trembling right now."

Frowning, Luke contemplated for a moment, 'Shall I use that forbidden spell? But there were no source to use.. '

After more than three breaths, the woman's patience was at its limit and she said, "Tell me if you’re going to reveal your art to me or not, now.”

"... Fine." Nodding his head, Luke glanced at the woman and spoke, "What do you want to know?"

"Now that's a good boy." Lowering her sword downwards, she replied with a serious expression, "Tell me how to use your art to create elements and wield them to do your bidding, and the way for you to absorb the energy in the air through your pores."

Staring at the woman with a complicated expression, Luke said, "It is something called magic and the energy to guide the p
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