32. The Reverse spell
Magic has been divided into three schools. In general, magic was knowledgeable for three specializations with each having a lot of different categories.

Destruction school magic: The way to materializing power beyond the user's might. Known to specialize in firepower spells and such that were mainly used for attacking.

Connection school magic: The way to connect/link the user into power that is beyond their reach. This magic was known to be so versatile in many aspects as it could connect into any elements in the world, and even to the vague concept such as time, space, destiny, or otherworld.

Recreation school magic: The way to recreate, copy, add, or even restructure matter of any form. This magic would be in need to be used in tandem with connection school magic for the user to connect themselves with the materials and any elements for creating, reforging, enchanting, and a lot more.

But what if one would take one category from three schools and form a brand new spell?

'The inc
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