318. Pure White Passage

A faint smile formed onto Ang Luo's face when he saw Hong Ming come back to his side with calm demeanour on him. A golden cup filled with black substances could be seen in Hong Ming's hand, as he walked steadily to Ang Luo. 

Receiving the golden cup from Hong Ming's hand, Ang Luo nodded in acknowledgement and went to the particular dune they sighted before. Though the stench of the monster's blood stank beyond words, Ang Luo still maintained his nonchalant attitude. As if he had gotten used to this kind of thing despite his high status.

When he arrived at the top of the sand dune, he poured down the pitch black liquid while he muttered one of the ancient chants known to the history of men. Although his voice wasn't loud in the first place, yet somehow, as if an invisible power had manifested in the atmosphere and carried every s

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