David's Adventures in Wonderland

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David's Adventures in Wonderland

By: Aditya OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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To be human, to be immortal ! To live on the ground, to travel through the vast universe ! Rules are meant to be broken . Destiny is meant to be changed . Freedom in Breakthrough !

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42 chapters
Chapter 1
【 Meet Anna】Long ago, David had a thought of returning to the ancient forbidden land to seek a great opportunity. None dared to venture into that zone of life, whether they were humans or other powerful creatures, due to its dense vegetation and endless supply of spirit medicine. Having consumed the Holy Fruit and Divine Spring, David believed that he could survive for a period of time within that area after reaching a certain level of strength. However, at this moment, he had to proceed at the risk of his life.Deep within the mountains, the roar of beasts shook the heavens, and the leaves fell in the forest. David's face turned pale as he realized that terrifying beasts were appearing long before he could even reach the ancient forbidden land. Yet, if he halted his journey, he could not escape the pursuit of the knight chasing after him. He was stuck in a dilemma."Jiang Yichen, just wait. Even though you are a descendant of the Jiang family, I will one day destroy you," David
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Chapter 2
Normally, Anna was pure and out of the ordinary, never flustered, and always calm and composed. But at this moment, she showed a look of surprise, which made several young men and women next to her very curious. One of them couldn't help but ask again, "Sister Anna, do you know this little beggar?" Anna quickly regained her composure and nodded, saying, "Yes, I know him." "How did you meet him, Sister Anna?" One of the women looked puzzled, and seeing that David was dressed in rags and looked haggard, he seemed to belong to the lowest level of society and was a completely different person from them. "We are from the same place and used to be neighbors." Anna said calmly. David heard her say "neighbor" and smiled faintly, only saying "hello" and not saying anything else. "So you are old acquaintances. This little neighbor of yours is really impulsive, the street is so wide, and he accidentally bumped into me. Brother Yang thought he was going to steal something." "But this young b
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Chapter 3
"Purple Sun Cave" – finally, he understood that meeting Anna was not a coincidence and that their sect was nearby. David turned to leave, not wanting to be involved with Anna's sect. Their meeting today was calm, almost indifferent, even though she gave him money, it felt like she was looking down on him, as if she was giving him charity. "Let me just live as an ordinary person without going down the wrong path. Am I really that worthless?" He laughed at himself, not feeling sad or angry. Everything passed by like a breeze. David thought that if they ever met again, it would be better to just smile and walk away, without holding onto anything. Sometimes, passing by each other lightly may be a better choice. David had already walked tens of meters away, but suddenly, he stopped again. He had been thinking about how to evade the pursuit of the Jiang family's knights, and suddenly thought, could he use Ziyang Cave to resolve the danger? His strength was not strong enough to confront th
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Chapter 4
(Note that this section contains gory content and is not suitable for minors to read 📖.)Main Body :This was a peaceful place where few disciples usually came to practice. The emerald bamboo forest was dotted with small wooden houses for the ordinary servants to live in. The gentle breeze swayed the whole bamboo forest, causing the rustling sound of the verdant bamboo leaves. A refreshing and clean air flowed over. Anna's white dress fluttered in the wind, making her look elegant and otherworldly. Her black and thick hair, delicate skin, and watery eyes gazed at David as she said, "You are just a mortal, and the Source has no use for you.""Although I'm just a mortal, I know the value of this thing. As immortal cultivators, you all attach great importance to it. How can you say it's useless to me?" David held the Source in his hand and laughed, "It contains a lot of life essence, and I think for a mortal like me, it should enhance longevity, right?""A mortal like you using the Sou
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Chapter 5
David ran quickly, leaping over mountains and crossing valleys, agile like a spirit ape and fast like a cheetah, retreating through the mountains with lightning speed. However, he couldn't completely shake off the people behind him. Several figures were still closely following him, indicating that their cultivation level was not weak and they were probably mid-stage cultivators in the Sea of Bittering.Suddenly, David's expression changed. Ahead of him was a large canyon, and two figures appeared to block his path. Not only were there pursuers behind him, but also two people who had flanked him ahead of time.At this moment, it was too late to turn around and retreat. David stopped and said, "Hey, we were just chatting together not long ago. Why are you blocking my path now?"The two people blocking the entrance of the canyon were a man and a woman, both in their mid-twenties. The woman had a cold smile on her lips and said, "You were fine in Purple Sun Cave Heaven. Why did you escape
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Chapter 6
Han Elder remained calm and collected, pouring himself a cup of tea and lifting the white hair covering his face to take a sip. At that moment, David felt a chill run down his spine. Han Elder's fingers were as dry as iron bars, with only a layer of old skin covering the bones. And his jaw, now exposed, was wrinkled and devoid of any luster, like a crumpled piece of paper. His lips were thin and black, lacking any blood or vitality, and even his tongue seemed shrunken."Come with me," Han Elder said calmly, putting down his tea cup. David was terrified, knowing that the gap in power between him and a higher-level cultivator was too vast."Aren't you afraid of divine punishment for using living people as medicine? Even your fellow cultivators might not accept it," David said, thinking of ways out. If he were caught by Han Elder, it would be more terrifying than death."I'm prepared. No one will know about any of this," Han Elder said, like a dead tree trunk sitting across the table. Th
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Chapter 7
【The Brutal Torment】"What kind of pill do you want to refine?" David tried to stall for time, not willing to give up even at this point. "Naturally, it is the elixir that can cross the bitter sea, bridge the divine bridge, and reach the other shore," Han Elder said with a faint sneer, as if he had seen through Da vid's thoughts. "There is no need to waste your time trying to delay, no one will come to save you. Just prepare to be the main ingredient for the refinement," he added. "Aren't you afraid that the knight will appear again?" David remained calm and collected, and said, "Perhaps you don't even know his identity." Han Elder remained calm, and asked, "What is his identity?" "He comes from the ancient and powerful family, the Jiang family," David said with a sigh, as if he was stating a fact. "You have caused great trouble for the Lingxu Cave. Maybe you still don't know my true identity. I have some relationship with the Jiang family. The knight came to find me," Dav
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Chapter 8
【Born of Fire】Silver flames flickered and continued to surge from underground, emitting a soft radiance and a spiritual power wave. The holy light radiated into the medicine cauldron without stop. The entire stone chamber was filled with white light, mist-like and hazy, like a fairyland, surging with spiritual energy. This "Huo Sha" was extraordinary, as it not only had the appropriate temperature but also could provide unique spiritual power to dissolve herbs, condense life essence, and create spiritual pills.The silver flames danced, and the bronze medicine cauldron was surrounded by a milky white spiritual energy. It seemed to have come to life as the patterns on it began to move. Elder Han sat quietly on the side, eyes closed, guarding the cauldron. His withered body showed no signs of life.At this moment, inside the sealed cauldron, David felt nothing but excruciating pain. His limbs were pierced, his chest was stabbed, and his wounds were severe. He felt incredibly weak,
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【Prearrangement 】Elder Han had never been so overjoyed before. The wrinkles on his face melted away as he danced and laughed with excitement. Meanwhile, David remained calm and focused on cultivating his bitter sea. Waves crashed endlessly, thunder roared, and flashes of lightning filled the stone chamber. Elder Han was filled with anticipation, eagerly hoping for the seven days to pass quickly.The bronze medicine cauldron was surrounded by silver flames, absorbing spiritual energy and radiating holy light that filled the entire chamber. Elder Han wasn't worried, knowing that the cauldron needed to be refined for seven days and nights before he could open the lid. The extraordinary phenomenon couldn't last forever. He was convinced that this was an extremely high-quality spirit pill as it matched the description perfectly in ancient texts.After more than two hours, the sound of the waves gradually faded, and the deafening thunder gradually disappeared. The bronze medicine cauld
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Chapter 10
【 Extreme Anti-Kill 】David's heart was very calm, adjusting himself to the best state and ready to unleash a fierce attack. The golden book in his sea of suffering shimmered with strange light. Elder Han felt he was favored by heaven and was extremely excited. He trembled as he reached out his right hand and lifted the lid of the cauldron, expecting a priceless alchemy pill to appear. Indeed, dazzling golden light shone, blindingly bright, creating a rainbow of colors. Elder Han thought the alchemy pill was divine and had jumped out of the cauldron, but suddenly his mind was in turmoil as if he had fallen directly from heaven to hell. He realized that it was not an alchemy pill but a shining piece of god iron that was swiftly flying toward his neck, and a handsome young man was seated inside the bronze cauldron, unscathed and not made into an alchemy pill, staring at him intently. "Oh no!" Elder Han broke out in cold sweat, cried out in fear, and tried to fly away, but it was alre
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