33. Waking up
*Chirp* *Chirp*

Chirping sound of birds could be heard on the canopy of the forest. Through the gaps in the leaves, sunlight shone and lit the ground with its light. Faint growls of the beast in the distance sounded along with many small animals starting their activities in the morning.

A normal bunny with white fur was hopping around in the bushes as it sought food. After a while, it hopped outside of the bushes and landed on the ground with some space that would be a perfect spot for setting up tents. Raising its small snout, the bunny sniffed in the air and smelled something funny.

Hopping to the source of the smell, the bunny arrived at the body of a human male that was drenched with blood all over him. Laying on the ground with his face facing the dirt, the bunny sniffed again towards the man and slightly licked the man's cheek.

Feeling something, the man's eyelids began to tremble. Opening his eyes slowly, the man saw the bunny's face up close as he murmured with a hoarse voi
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