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Our Main character is just a normal boy who don't like to study. One day something happens and he goes into a different world he goes after the incident that falls upon him, our main character who never would have thought he will be brought to a alternate universe that exist. He even knew about. Just seen in comics and cartoons, now he has become a part of it. He is not sure what is happening but have to go along the world and learn the things of this world to be successful. Never seen challenges knocks on the door everyday and he have to deal with them just as the days keep on passing by. this is a new adventure for him in the world where common knowledge of his and common sense is senseless because in this word of supernatural abilities which he have to learn no be great or he might not even survive to see the next day. the world that goes in front him want him or don't want him in the world. So dive into the world of "ZENTAR", ruled by one of their king " MARCUS LUKT " who is supposed to be the real king though. Who maybe the king but is bound by some external forces. THAT IS THE GREAT DEMON KING " KIRMADA " is it what our hero has to face or something even dangerous exist that will be faced by our warrior. To know how our young boy handles thing, hope in and ride the tides with me.

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    2023-02-20 18:05:01
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As the story begins, Drake was at college and was going to his class for lecture. He was late today, as he asked permission from the teacher that he would come inside, the teacher refused to let him in as he was standing there trying to enter the class after 15 min of the commencement of the lecture. So Drake couldn't get inside, as he looked around to see if he can find anyone of his friend from other section be he saw no one there. As he had got a free lecture now, he thought to go somewhere where he can relax and chill for the time being.So he went to the roof of the college where he usually chill with his friends all the time.He just went toward the railing and stood their looking around and started using his smartphone. Just as he was indulged in it, he heard a sound from his back. Just as he turned around he saw something non familiar but something insane. As he was seeing a dimensional portal being opened right before his eyes. He was shocked and excited both at a time
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As Drake was still hovering around in his mind, a strange voice was heard by him as if someone was talking to someone.But he couldn't tell what they were saying as he couldn't understand the language. As he tried to wake up from his state of drifting in his mind, he tried to woke up from it. Slowly he was able to attain his consciousness. As he opened his eyes, he saw a lady doctor and a nurse standing their near to him. As he tried to get up and they helped him to sit. They were trying to talk to him but he was not able to understand what they were saying. The doctor just hugged him and then kept saying something that he was not able to understand. Then the doctor put her both hands on the both side of Drake's head and a warmth feeling was experienced by him. As dozed off again and felt unconscious. Then as the doctor tried to woke him up he was hearing it loud and clear and was able to understand it ' wake up! Wake up ! Zen ! Wake up ! ' As he got conscious and saw her
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So Zen asked Linda his new big sister about himself as the body of who he was and how he use to live. So as she told him about how he he was she said ' he was good boy, though he was not able to manifest the “ GEAR POWER ” in this world. I was always proud for him as he kept his head up and choose to live the life as a uncommon member of the 10% population. Jus'Zen interrupted her and said' wait, what you mean by “gear power” 'She said ' oh sorry, my mistake i didn't told you about it before. In our world we are able to use a power named “gear power”, which is manifested in our bodies. This power makes our bodies more stronger and we are able to some insane things like- flying, high jump, power punches, lifting insane amount of weight, even healing people and many more things as they go. The abilities are scaled as a type of gear mark on our back of the hand like this 'Showing him the sign on her hand that looked like a wifi logo to him had only two stripes and a dot. So
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Linda got terrified to look at his hand.She was not moving. Her body was shivering in fear and terror. Shin saw her shivering and realised he have to do something to make her calm down and relax. He started calling her name. Linda! Linda!She didn't even flinched. As her mind was fully developed in fear. Shin tried to look at his hand as saw for the first time how it looked like. He thought it was sure different from the one Linda has. As he tried to cover it with some cloth, took out a napkin that was on the trolley next to his bed. He covered his hand and tried to wake Linda from her scared state. She was not making any progress, Shin decided to slap her face and he did. But it would have been better he didn't did anything except trying to call someone for help. Just as he slapped, Linda went flying toward the hall of the hospital breaking through the door. As she reached the hall, the other people and the hospital staff noticed it and immediately tried to tend to her a
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As per saying that Linda put up a barrier around them. ZEN asked what was the barrier was for. As she told him ' i am going to seal your powers until you are able to control them, so sit down on the ground.' in a commanding voice.Without saying anything Zen sat on the ground as Linda said. Linda then creaked a marking around him for the sealing process. As Linda made the circle, she sat in front of Zen and told him to took out his hand and place it on the ground. As he did what she said. Linda place her hand on his power gear and then started to concentrate her mind on his gear. As she was getting deep into concentration, she felt a feeling of terror and fear. But making her heart strong she kept getting deep into it, as she reached the level where she find the thread to seal his powers. But as she started to bind his powers, she found it very difficult do to so, though she was using her whole power at the base level of power gear. She knew that now she have to level up he
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Zen was waiting and just looked at his hand, As he saw that his hand still had the horns one top of the 2nd stripe. But he not knowing anything about the power gear just let it be. As after a while a nurse came and told him that if he could move he could go to the reception where Linda was waiting for him. If not she will take him via a wheelchair. But Zen was able to walk so he Thanked her for concern and just asked her where the reception was. As she showed Zen the way and he reached the reception, where Linda was waiting for him as she was talking to someone. Zen stopped a little further to not interrupt her talk and as she noticed Zen was waiting she finished her talk with the person and went toward Zen and said' shall we go?' Yes, said by Zen and she took him to where her car was parked. As they both sat in the car and Zen said' strange that though this world is totally different, it does have similar type of cars. I also saw people talking on mobile phones and also th
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Linda spoke up to broke the awkward silence she created ' sorry i just got carried away' ' No, no its fine, i can't tell how you feel but know that loosing a parent is the biggest deal of our life and nothing can be compared to this feeling. ' Said by Zen. Linda wiped her tears and they both went on eating. As they finished their Eating, Zen took the liberty to clean the dishes as he asked Linda to take a bath and get fresh and clean. Though linda told him that she can do the dishes but Zen insisted on doing so. So Linda went ahead to take a bath and cried as she was taking her bath due to the old memories of her parents just flashed in front of her eyes. But soaking in the hot water her tears dispersed in it and made her body and mind calm down. As she came out and went toward the kitchen, Zen was not there so she went toward the living room as Zen was sitting their watching the television. So she sat with him and she asked Zen that ' Zen, do you want to learn to control y
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As the new day set up with the sunrise. Linda woke Zen early as she was going to take him for training. She barged in his room and woke him up as he startled and fell down of the bed. Linda apologised for doing this but Zen said it was fine and anyway it was a great way to wake someone up. As she told him to get ready and wear whatever clothes he likes from the closet which will fit him for training. As Zen choose some clothes and after wearing them he went downstairs to meet with Linda who was waiting for him at the gate. As they went went outside, Linda told him to run with her and as fast as he could. It was sudden but he was ready to do it. She also told him to keep concentrating on controlling your powers along the way.As she told him that he was able to control few fragments of the power the past day during sealing, so he would be able do it now. But Zen asked how he was going to Concentrate and run both at same time.For running he have to be free and for concentratin
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As Zen was drifting in the memories, he has left any consciousness left of him. He was wondering deep and deep into memories and had no idea it was not reality as he kept seeing those memories through the eyes of former Zen. On the other hand, Linda was getting concerned for him as he hasn't acquired the first level and woken up from his concentration. She knew it will be shock for Zen if she leaves her healing but will probably get him to his senses. So she lift her hands up and stopped soothing his brain. As a result, Zen was able to realise as a severe pain in his brain just developed by which he came back to his senses. Now he was stable again and was not drifting in the memories as he was using his own concentration only without Linda putting her strength in. After coming back to his own sense of thinking, he started again to visualise the liver to adjust it to the first level. It was easy for him to do it because in his former life he use to be very optimistic and creati
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As Zen was soaking in the bathtub he was still feeling weak and exhausted but now his exhaustion was lowering down but due to weakness he felt sleepy. Being in tub he felt relaxed in that relaxed state he was imagining all the things he saw as the owner of this body. As he was drifting into the memories of what he saw before, he realised something important. That he had forgot to get to basic level and was still on the first level of the gear. Just as he realised he didn't remeber asking Linda about how to do it or either her telling him on her own. So he thought it might be the same as leveling up so he figured to visualise pulling the liver downward, as he started visualising and was able to imagine the picture of a liver and pulled it down. He thought it would be leveled down by now but as he saw his hand it was still not down. So got annoyed to know that. But due to weakness he wasn't able to give much thought to it and left it as it was. As he thought after soaking in th
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