41. Unknown

A painful moan of a creature came out of its mouth as it struggled to get out of the crater that had buried it. Its body was bleeding all over and black colored liquid that seemed to be as dark as oil flowed down from its body.

"D*mnit... It's painful."

Cursing in its native language, it moved its body to walk a few steps away from the crater while its eyes wandered towards its surroundings.

"Where is this.. The last thing I remember is that I was fighting against that human from before."

The last memory it had was something very dangerous was taking place in the area it was in. It wanted to run away and ignored the human with his black, mechanical armor. But everything came into a stop. Even the air itself was stopped. It couldn't move. Reality tore itself apart and absorbed it and the human male from before to the void, almost crushing both of their bodies.

If not for its resilient defense and the human who had his sturdy armor, they both would have undoubtedly perish
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