46. Xiutia Village
Somewhere, five days later in a forest filled with blackened mist. Any ordinary human without strong Lingqi would have their body poisoned and their mind befuddled with hallucinations. This place was located right under the mountain called the Snake's Fang. The first layer of entrance to the Three Headed Crimson Serpent sect.

Traversing this forest alone was a young man wearing traveler 's clothes and a hay backpack on his back. The young man calmly walked in the forest while his gaze wandered around the area. His gesture sensed to be vigilant, with his eyes observing if there was any disturbance around him.

After he had walked for twenty minutes, he finally had reached the foot of the mountain. Covering his body behind a nearby tree to hide, he took a look at the settlement that had resided in this ominous region as if it was nothing. It was a village, but the village was unusually bigger than the usual village with a tower made of stone that could reach thirty floors high and was e
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