Chapter 110 - Finding a needle in a Haystack (3)

"What kind of nonsense... aren't you the one who gave it to that rabbit?" Eren questioned, clearly perplexed by the situation.

Mr. Nice guy simply shrugged in response, implying that it didn't really matter. At the moment, what mattered was that their beloved Tori had become a thief.

"Then, based on the proof of my rank, I should find the rabbit named Tori before my condition runs out," Eren concluded, looking for confirmation from Mr. Nice guy.

Mr. Nice guy nodded, confirming Eren's statement. Without wasting any time, Eren mentally prepared himself and felt his body warm up instantly.

His condition level was at 98%, and the drop rate was noticeably slow due to his high condition.

"I have to catch all the rabbits and turn them over," Eren thought determinedly. Although it was a laborious task, he believed it was not impossible.

However, he couldn't afford to relax just yet. Time was of the essence, and he needed to make every second count.

Just as Eren was about to sprint forward, Mr
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