Chapter 111 - Proof of rank rewards (1)

When Eren heard that Mr guy was participating in the test, it was the first way that came to mind in Eren’s mind.

‘It’s close to impossible for me to find it myself. So, borrow the opponent’s hand again this time.’

In fact, it was an operation that could have failed if the opponent was not Mister Guy, a rather talkative evaluator.

‘But still, I thought if it’s Mister Guy, he would spit it out at least once in a fatal situation.’

In other words, he will surely spit out the word promise when he finds Tori, the situation assumed as the spell.

The prediction was completely correct.

Of course, it would have been better if it was just before catching Tori, but the situation is not bad now.

“See. It’s my victory. No matter how many praiseful situations you’re going to throw in, I also have all the means.”

The doubtful Eren, who confirmed that there was no star-shaped dot as a result of flipping the first rabbit’s belly, marked it with a pen and jumped toward the second, feeling anxious for s
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