The Silent Heir

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The Silent Heir

By: Siah Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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From facing rejection to discovering his true identity, Michael Bryce must confront his destiny family to reclaim his place in the world. Unknown that he is the heir of the powerful family, it took more than twenty years for him to find out that he is the last surviving family member of the mighty family. With the help of his new status as heir and CEO, Micheal unravels family secrets, betrayals, and family fortunes. “Boss the Kincaids are making a scene at the entrance again” “Thats alright, we can make them pay more with the ‘damage’ they've caused” “But that the family members of the mistress” “So? Do you see the mistress complaining? They must pay”

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202 chapters
Chapter 1: Again
Sweat dripped on his face as he held onto this last hope.The manager stared at Michael with a callous look.“I’m very sorry, but I don’t think we need your service anymore,” the manager said.“But I was told I passed the interview and I can start work today,” Micheal asked with a confused look.“Mr. Micheal Bryce you are not qualified. The decision earlier was a misstep. And if you will excuse me I have a lot to do. Please leave ” the manager said and threw his application at him.Michael just stared at this application and frowned.But he also knew this was another hopeless case.This wasn’t the first time and it still baffled him as to why he is always rejected without any reason when he goes out for a job.“You are making a very big mistake,” Micheal conveyed.“I think you are making a mistake. What if you have offended someone you shouldn't have.” The manager said with a smug smile.Micheal just couldn't stand this annoying man any longer and left.These words again.Who has he o
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Chapter 2: The ‘Kidnap’
Micheal had just ignored a call when he felt his phone ringing again,Assuming it might be the same unfamiliar number, he was about to ignore.But his intuition urged him to look on his phone.Seeing it was his brother-in-law, Darius calling, he decided to pick up despite knowing nothing good would come out of this call.“Hello brother-in-law,” Micheal said in a calm tone. “What did you just call me?” Darius asked in anger.“My brother-in-law?” Micheal said innocently.“My brother-in-law? And who approved of that? I do not have such an ineffectual and useless person like you as a brother-in-law. The only person who sees you as an individual is Amelia” Darius declared.Micheal sighed and tried to not let this get to him.After all, this is not the first time he is been treated in such a manner by Darius.“Why did you call me then?” Micheal asked trying to sound as normal as possible.“Huh, do not sound so important. For a person as worthless and unskilled, you have no right to feel
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Chapter 3: Young master
“Who allowed you to treat the young master in such a manner”The old man demanded angrily, “Apologize this very instant” Michael was confused and he gazed at the alien man.Thinking this so-called “young master” had nothing to do with him, he began to question what they wanted.“What do you want?”“Who sent you”“Was it Venice?”“No matter what you do there is no way I am going to break up with my wife. Amelia is mine and mine alone”He said with a persistent look.The old man just smiled politely at him which puzzled him a bit.But still thinking of how he was brought here, it didn’t make any difference.After all, the villains in most movies put on the same “politeness” when they are about to hurt someone.“I’m very sorry for this misunderstanding. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Steph, butler of the Bryce family” Steph said with a respectful bow.“The Bryce family? It can’t be the same powerful and famous family that was eradicated overnight years ago” Micheal asked with a confu
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Chapter 4: BYC company
Kincaid knew this was his real identity and there was nothing he could do about it.“This can help myself and Amelia,” he said with great anticipation.“Great! Then you can simply move back here and begin taking care of everything you owe” Steph said cheerfully.“Not so fast Steph” Kincaid said.He moved to the seat beside him and sat down with a sharp look.“Let’s not forget how I ended up in my current state”“What are you trying to say, young master?” Steph asked, “Are you saying you don’t want to come back and rule the Bryce empire? That can’t be, you are the only one who can take your place in this family…”“Hold on old man” Kincaid interrupted with a whiff of a chuckle in his voice, “you are making assumptions in your head” “But you said…”Steph said and stopped himself from continuing further.“You and I know it’s still not safe for me to resume my position as the heir of this family. My enemies might be lurking in the dark to take me down permanently. It's better to still sta
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Chapter 5: The Bet
“BYC Company?” Amelia clamored in shock, “It can’t be the same BYC company we all know right?”“It’s the same influential and successful company” Venice answered, “and like I said, there is a big contract out there and we should get it. But only the one who can help get it will be the next heir to the company”Seeing his wife being cornered in a position he knows very well she has been yearning for years.Micheal moved close to her and whispered, “ Can we talk”Amelia, whose attention was on her parents was now on her husband, “Yes”“Amelia, are you listening to me?”Venice’s angry voice sounded on the phone.“Y...Yes mother” Amelia answered absent-mindedly.“Good..”Micheal shook his head with a smile and walked away.He knew it was just a matter of time before things got back in place for him.***The evening came very fast.Micheal stared at the only person who had been nothing but good to him and smiled.“Thank you for your trust all these years. It didn’t go to waste hunny” He
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Chapter 6: Raising the stakes
“Well, what are you waiting for? Turn on the news already or you don’t have a television? We can’t wait forever can we?” Darius asked with a mockery smile.Micheal said nothing in reply and with a smirk he on his old television.At that moment Pete, his assistant appeared on the screen.“Thank you all for your time and energy. I will be representing the CEO of BYC company, Mr. Bryce. since he is not present. “ Pete said in his baritone voice.Micheal stared at their expression and saw no shocking expressions.He smirked and knew they didn’t link this name to his.“We thank all the bidders for their time and efforts. Everyone makes a great effort but only one company must win and that’s why I am standing before you today “The room was silent and one can hear the sound of a dropping pin if it falls.The noisy room is now quiet as they all eagerly wait for the results.The most anxious among them was Amelia.“But I’m afraid I can not announce the winner now. News about the winner will
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Chapter 7: Clayton Ashton
“Bo…”The receptionist who was enthusiastically about to acknowledge Micheal was stopped by him.He didn’t understand why his boss whom he knew would be coming to the company will suddenly not want to be known.All the same, he is just a small employee in the company and can do nothing about that.“You followed me here too Little Bryce? Are you still interested in the janitor’s job I suggested” Clayton Ashton mocked.Micheal ignored him and said nothing.The receptionist had no idea what they were talking about.But seeing the signal from his boss, he had no other option than to attend to the man before him instead of his boss.“Mr. Ashton you do have an appointment. But you will have to wait for a few minutes” he said and brought his attention back to Micheal.“Mr. Bryce this way. Please I will take you to your lift” he said politely.“Sure” Micheal replied.Clayton saw that Micheal was about to walk away when he stopped him.“What is the meaning of this? Didn’t you just say I will h
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Chapter 8: The three women
…BYC company …Micheal entered his large and bright office with a pessimistic look.“Why were my instructions of giving the bid to my wife not carried through”. He asked as soon as he sat down.Micheal had already forgotten about Calyton and any unpleasant business caused by him.“Boss, there is an explanation for that,” Pete said.“There better be. For I expect my instructions to be followed without any failure and not the other way round” Michral declared.Pete felt unbelievable tension from his boss for the first time.Who would have thought the heir of the Bryce family would be this fierce?Pete composed his feelings and decided to act with confidence.He wouldn’t want to leave a bad impression on his boss for the first time.“Your instructions would have been carried if not for some things that need to be taken into consideration”Micheal neither answered nor reacted.He just stared at him waiting for Pete to finish with his statements.Seeing that his boss wasn’t going to stop h
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Chapter 9: We won?
The room became unbearably serene.Venice secretly clasped her hands tightly beside her .But on her face, she was as relaxed as ever.So what if she wins or not ?She just hoped this wouldn’t affect the child in her stomach or her dear man .“Guess , we have to hope If we can be the one to win this time around . Or dear cousin, your husband has assured you of some security in this” Prsica said with a smug look.Amelia had had enough already .She turned and looked directly at the same person who once always treated her with respect .Indeed, they say the mouse will forever jubilate when the cat is no more.“Will you shut up. Who allowed you in here in the first place . If you think you have something better to give this family why don’t you start with helping us when we are in this crisis” Amelia’s outburst not only surprised her cousins and their mother , but also her family .But she did not care anymore.This is a matter of respect, she will never allow anyone to disrespect her h
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Chapter 10: What if…
Margo walked with certainty and soon stood before Amelia.“Is this how you speak to your family? What happened to the family stick together? Are you so blinded by your love for that retard good-for-nothing that you can’t see things?”Amelia heard this rebuke from her aunt and she lost it,“Family stick together? Are you the one to teach me this? Where were you when we needed you the most? Your daughters are married to prominent men whom you chose for them. And since you say ‘family stick together’ why didn’t you help our company back then. After all your son is still in this same company and it won’t benefit just us. So don’t you dare teach me about family” Amelia said looking at her with an unwavering look.Margo's breath became rapid as she tried to suppress her irritation.Slap.Amelia held her cheeks and stared at Margo with a horrified expression.“If you do not know what manners are, then let me help you rewind your thoughts. I am not just your family member. I am your father's
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