Chapter 104

When I find them, huddled behind Isongarth’s statue, they are clearly talking about me. I’m in no mood to explain myself, though I really should tell Silas about Alier. That can wait until after my very much needed nap.

I ignore their conversation and surprised expressions as I sit down cross legged next to Silas. Skipping past looking at them, slightly annoyed they’re talking about me, I pull out a sariah petal and wipe it against one of my bloody wounds. I lay it next to me and bring a trail of salt to it, linking the other spells. I look to Leo. “Repeat after me.”

After he nods, I prick my finger and pour seawater over the new wound, right over the sariah petal I had just placed, chanting as I pour. “Summer wood and deity ties, bring these lines to boundaries defined. Expand this protection with the flow of desired correction. Right to what has been outlined.”

Leo starts copying me, touching my heart with his hand, flowing my power with his. “Summer wood and deity ties, bring these
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