Reign of Sins

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Reign of Sins

By: IceFontana18 OngoingSci-Fi

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Created by alchemy, the forbidden science, seven forsaken souls linger in darkness to save what is broken – humanity. Together, they hold faith for a dawn that never comes. They are the good side of wrong. The seven forsaken experiments meet Chase Rennon as their homeroom teacher to teach them what it takes to be human. One last stand for the lost and forsaken. Will the seven sins answer the call for glory and disparity? Will there be salvation at the end of the void?

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Fifteen years agoOutskirts of LondonThree-year-old Alice watched the busy streets of London through her window with widened eyes. Sparkling with interest, she failed to notice the knot lodged between the brows of her mother who did not care about the glaring eyes of the customers surrounding them inside the dingy small cafe. A veil of smoke surrounded Alice’s mother like a cloak of disparity as she puffed the cigarette.Alice knew that something was wrong with her mother, even at a young age. Last time, they were in Italy. The next thing she knew, they were in London. She didn’t know what her mom’s been up to. But Alice could often see her mother on the phone or just plain lost in her thoughts as her mother stared outside the window.Drinking her chocolate frappe, Alice was content in watching the rain pour and the people running frantically outside to take shelter.Alice failed to notice how people’s gaze would linger longer on her than on her mother's, particularly at her eyes. U
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Sector VII's New Teacher
The darkness in the Void offers me a thousand ways to die and only one way to live: to become one of them. And so I did become one of them – one way or another.Now, I am on a mission as I trudge my way to answer the call of my superior. I trot my way to the death – or so what miscreants call her.Getting a special summon by the Queen of the Void herself is something I am not looking forward to. It has not been long since I arrive at Sector VI, the place in the Void where the King and Queen had asked me to watch over.Sector VI. This is where I keep track of drug syndicates, fighting pits, and human trading. Under my jurisdiction, citizens from the Void cannot get involved with these transactions. The safety of the children, women, and elderly must be ensured at all costs. We may be marked by the Void, but we always take care of one of our own.People recoil at the sight of criminals. They call them monsters. But they don’t know what is lurking below them. The Void consumes all and pr
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Know The Sins
TRINITY HIGH IS LOCATED in Zone 13 of the Void. This zone is a new project of the Void for the new citizens. The place is more industrialized. New establishments are built here. Even though it was only established three years ago, this school is already grand. It is like a massive palace from Ancient Europe. This school caters to students from elementary to high school. On the other hand, D University accepts college students.“Sir Chase!” Flustered by my sudden arrival, the guard immediately opened the driveway for me.It has always been like this. Either they recoil from my presence, or they run from it. I take my sweet time as I trudge into the school. Glancing at my watch as I walked along the eight-columned halls, my footsteps echoed around.Teachers talking with each other and students giggling welcomed me as soon as I took the turn on the nearest right corner of the hallway I was trudging a moment ago. As I walked deeper, a couple of gazes shifted at me, and I could not blame
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Meet The Sins
The King of the Void and the Queen of the Void's orders are clear. Make sure that nothing will go wrong on every mission. We have to bring back the lost Dark Arms to the Void no matter what happens.And here I am, precisely eight in the morning, already in front of the room where I'll be working. I will be staying here from now on – as a goddamn teacher of all things. When I open the door, a few students are sitting inside already. Though covered with their god-awful masks, my hackles raised upon their underhanded gazes. It is as if they are the predators assessing whether how they will treat me – kill me raw or slaughter me later.I am pretty used to this kind of gaze. Should I have said good morning? The fool I am, I momentarily forgot my other goal – to treat them like any typical student. Opening my mouth to greet them, the door bangs open. The remaining three members trot inside the room without a word. I don't know who is who, but I know they're the Seven Sins. I'll only know w
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Asterisk Family
The whole block of the residential area in Sector 3 is peaceful. Even though this is a residential space, the houses are still far from each other. Security is also tight in each home. And the Seven Sins know that the hired guards scattered in this area are all graduates of D University. Like how they do things, someone will become the decoy who will approach the target. The bait often isn’t going to take part in the fight. And since this is Grim’s first mission as the leader of Sector 7, he will become the decoy.Grim is hesitant, but he doesn’t want them to know, especially after what Fallen Angel told him.Flashback...“We don’t even have a proper plan. They said that before I make a plan for them, I must get to know them first.” Grim is frustrated at the woman on the other side of the phone.He is in the faculty room because it is lunchtime, aside from him who stayed. After all, the queen called him.The queen answered her with a cold laugh before saying, “Stop whining, Grim. Sho
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The Ratio Of The Dark Arms
Even though Greed and Gluttony are already compromised by Claudia’s ability, Pride and Wrath are still calm while standing beside Grim. When Grim looks at Wrath, she is eating a lollipop that he doesn’t know where she got. When she felt him staring at her, Wrath glared at him. “I’ll shoot you with my Mad Hatter if you ask for my lollipop.” Wrath threatened, making Pride shake his head.“Leave him alone, Wrath,” Pride said. “You’re the only childish one in the group.”“Of course not! It’s Gluttony.”Grim could feel Wrath’s pouting lips even behind her mask.The twins, who are just kneeling a while ago, are now lying on the ground on their stomachs. Claudia doubled the gravity field of her Tatara. But since she’s a Dark Arms user, she can freely walk anywhere. Her eyes are already dead, and no emotion can be reflected. She looks like someone who just gave up life and let the Dark Arms control her.“She will enter the Abyss,” Wrath mentioned.“Abyss?” Grim asked.“There is a balance bet
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Disposable Tools
I’m at the Queen’s office right now. It’s Saturday, and there are no classes. That’s why I don’t need to see the Seven Sins. I asked them what they were doing on weekends, but no one answered. They remove their masks and live like ordinary people for the next two days. To think that the Seven Sins have everyday lives aside from following the Void’s rules is a foreign concept to me. Maybe because I saw how they kill people without any guilt at all. If they’re not like us, the Phoenix, perhaps they have everyday lives. After all, they’re still a bunch of high school students. But they are the younger version of Phoenix, the Void's Sword.I gulp the contents of the glass of beer.“So, you came here to drink? I just want to remind you that this is my office, not a bar.”When I looked back, I saw the Queen of the Void standing there. She is wearing a black backless dress, holding her eldest kid with her right hand. On her left hand is a champagne flute.“Oh, where’s King Kiel? Why are you
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