Chapter 105

I give Mike my wrist, my blood still freely flowing. “Squeeze my blood onto each paper and say; Deliver these to Goddess Kaelish, protector of Linru. Bring what’s true in this discovered news.”

He gives me a questioning look, and I didn’t miss that his neck is tense. “Why?”

“Because I can’t.” I motion to my bonds.

He gives me a cautious look, trying to determine if he can trust me. “Why?”

“You literally have me chained to a bed, just trust me.” I say, glaring at him.

Mike follows my instructions, nearly jumping out of his skin as the pages start smoking. “What are you doing Isaac ?”

“Relax,” I say, the flames turning turquoise, signaling they’ve been received. When Kaelish accepts them, the flames dissipate, leaving the pages in their original state. I hand them back to him. “There, now it’s in Kaelish’s hands.”

“How much magic do you actually know?” Mike asks, looking me over as if he’s seeing me for the first time.

I shrug. “Almost everything. I can’t speak the original spells, b
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