Chapter 107

I chose not to make eye contact with Isaac as he is wheeled out of the make shift hospital. I had just finished loading up a few things in the car to make this trip easier.

It has almost been a week since he was poisoned but the recovery has been slow. Isaac still spends most of his time sleeping and it frustrates him to be so weak. The slightest activity seems to make him tired.

It frustrates ME that he is a stubborn ass.

My mate has spent his every waking moment pushing himself by dealing with pack business and trying to get out of bed. I took pity on him the first night he had ripped his IVs out and caused a commotion, now I know I shouldn’t have.

He has been such a handful. Willfully disregarding Greta’s orders to the point that I was on board when she threatened to strap him down two days ago.

Boy did that Idea go over well.

Lucky for Isaac Levi took pity on him and talked us down.

I roll my eyes remembering how ridiculous he was being yelling at us to stop babying him and hol
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