Chapter 108

“Alright party people, lets get this show on the road!” I giggle nervously and nod before chancing a glance behind at Isaac . He meets my eyes looking tired but other wise emotionless. I eye him narrowly with a glare and let my frustration flood the link between us, unsure if he was even paying attention through that thick wall of his.

Turning I adjust myself in my seat and pull out my phone to keep me busy on the drive.

I had been working on my linking while my family was still here but with them gone and me not yet being a part of Isaac and Levi’s pack – if I ever become apart of it- I was unable to practice or use the link for the last few days. Only Isaac would be able to talk to me now and we both have been avoiding that.

I imagine that the link or bond I have with Isaac works in a similar way to a pack link, and I could learn to keep him out if I try. I don’t get how I have started to be able to keep my thoughts to myself in wolf form but Freddy, Chris and Alpha Cold heart ca
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