The Special People
The Special People
Author: Feyonce
Chapter 1

As the five warriors pursued their target, the sun had almost reached the peak of the mountain.They knew the chase was coming to an end, despite its exhausting length.The demon king Isaac, the man they were looking for, would soon have to pay for his crimes.

Isaac was aware that the warriors were near.Not only was he able to feel them, but he could also hear their labored breathing, their mumbled words of encouragement to one another, and their footfalls.Is it possible that they might catch him?How did this come to be?His army had been defeated, and his city was in ruins.He couldn't get rid of one thought:betrayal.

He began to climb when he reached the cliff's base.He persevered despite the pain in his arms and legs from the bloody battle and chase that had preceded it.He would ensure that his pursuers would not have an easy fight.

He turned around to see a volley of arrows headed directly for him after hearing the bowstring twang behind him.While two other warriors began to ascend the wall below, he caught an arrow in midair and sent it flying back toward one of them, piercing his neck.He kept going up.Another volley was accompanied by an outraged scream, and this time one of the arrows struck.Isaac stumbled on the rocks after feeling a burning pain through his thigh, but he did not stop.As he continued to climb, the two warriors below were directly hit by a waterfall of rocks caused by his slip.While one was able to stay away, the other was not so fortunate.He went backward, fell several feet, and hit a boulder hard;His legs gave out.

After reaching the top of the cliff, Isaac began to descend the opposite side's smaller, shallower slope.The warriors continued their pursuit up and over the hill now that their target was out of sight and out of range.Isaac couldn't go any further because he was injured and close to exhaustion.It was this.The prediction would come true.This is the end of it all.He waited with his knife in his hand as he bent down to remove the arrow from his thigh.

His pursuers had reached the top of the cliff and were about to descend the other side when they saw Isaac waiting for them there.Each warrior pulled out a macuahuitl, a wooden club-sword with obsidian blades, and charged at him from various angles as they spread out to try to surround him.One of the warriors was stabbed in the chest by Isaac as he threw his knife at him.He retaliated by evading their blows as they entered, swinging their swords.After disarming one of them, he violently swung the captured macuahuitl, sending the man's head into the air.

Isaac's exhaustion had reduced his speed and strength, and the last warrior was the greatest of them all.He had never encountered a single man who presented such a challenge.The warrior fought with ferocity and conviction, but it was hard for him to catch his opponent.Isaac was a force to be reckoned with even when he was worn out.They were both shattered by the force as their macuahuitls clashed.They immediately drew their knives and formed a circle around each other.

The warrior's hatred and rage burned brightly in his eyes.Death, bloodshed, and tyranny had come to an end.The monster had been driven out, dethroned, despised, but still dangerous, and he must not leave.He was aware that facing him alone would almost certainly result in his own death, but the price was worth it if it meant securing his people's freedom and salvation.

Isaac knew he had to end the fight as soon as he saw this.He aimed his knife at his attacker with the last of his energy.A piercing ache ran through the warrior's body as the blade sunk into his body.The warrior's hand was gripping the handle that protruded between his lower ribs when he looked down at his abdomen.They both fell to the ground together.Despite his pain, Isaac, who was aware of his destiny, did not fear.He began to laugh with what little air he had left, and as his life dwindled, he said, "I will return..."

The warrior was overcome with fear.The demon's rule was ended with his death.But is that possible?Would he come back?How?When?He closed his eyes and felt the life leave his body as his thoughts began to disperse and fade.

"Where did you go?The entire first half was missed by you!Over the crowd, Kristen yelled.

Because of his height, Wilson was hard to miss as he waved at her.He was told to move out of the way by a few people, so he hurriedly entered the college soccer game's stands, tried not to spill his nachos, and sat next to Kristen.

"Sorry, I had a student who needed assistance understanding the electron transport chain," I apologized.

"Does anybody comprehend that?"Kristen asked, flicking her platinum-blonde shoulder-length hair behind her ear.You should have majored in archaeology, I assure you.Instead of just teaching all day, I spend a lot more time doing real-world fieldwork.

"So how's the excavation going—oh crap...," I asked.As he dripped cheese sauce all over his shirt, Wilson said.

"It's incredible!"Kristen responded, unaware of his mess.I had no idea I would be working on something so exciting.We recently discovered additional rooms beneath the temple."

“Cool.Wilson stated, "I'm excited to see them tomorrow."

“Well . . .Actually, those rooms haven't been secured yet, so you'll want to stay near the safe entrance, Kristen advised.We don't want a student to set off a booby trap and lose something they'll need later, like a hand or head, which they might think is pretty valuable.

"Are you certain that bringing them is safe at all?How many deaths have occurred thus far?”Wilson inquired.

“Well . . .twelve.But before I joined the project, those were in the early stages of excavation.Since then, we've been much more prepared and taken more precautions.Kristen reassured him, "Trust me, the areas where we will allow the students to go are perfectly safe."

I still look forward to seeing it.These ruins formed the foundation for the entire town.It's wonderful that they are finally allowing people access to the actual site rather than just the pointless museum.

“Hey!The museum interests me.I first became interested in archaeology in places like those.Furthermore, no one is being admitted by accident.It's still too risky.For the first time, only select faculty members and students are permitted entry.

Well, at least it's a start.These ruins attract visitors from all over the world.It would be wonderful if they could actually see inside.Maybe it will help the economy of our town a little more.

"As if we had to have it.Even though these ruins were only discovered seventeen years ago, our little town is already expanding fairly quickly here.

When one of the players scored a spectacular goal, the crowd cheered, effectively ending their conversation.

Wilson and Kristen approached one of the assistant coaches after the game was over.He was shorter than Wilson by a few inches, had dark hair, and he had a friendly, warm face.He waved him off with a friendly pat on the back as he was having fun with one of the players about something they had just said.

Wilson replied, "Hey, Mike, good game."

You say that as if you had seen anything.Let me hazard a guess: you just showed up, and instead of watching the game, you just talked to Kristen the whole time, probably about the excavation as well.Am I correct?”Mike asked, his arms folded in mock anger.

I did not simply show up.I arrived in the middle of the second half.Also, the fact that Kristen asked me to accompany her archaeology students tomorrow may have me a little excited.Additionally, you won, didn't you?According to Wilson, "it must have been a good game."

It's alright.I'm not to blame.If I were special enough to be invited to chaperone, I would be thrilled,” Mike said to Kristen in a playful but accusatory tone.

Hey, I could only invite two chaperones to the school, and I had to have good reasons to choose them.Wilson is a scientist as well.How can I justify bringing a soccer coach with me?”Kristen shrugged.

"Who else is there?"Mike inquired.

Kristen replied, "Kevin Ludwig, the physics teacher."

She was met with smirks from Mike and Wilson.

Kristen shed a tear.What?Brilliant is the man.He is the logical choice.

"I'm certain he is.How many times has he presently sought you out?”inquired Wilson.

Kristen replied bluntly, "I don't date coworkers."

Under his breath, Mike asked her, "Are you sure about that?" as he drew closer to her.and then gave Wilson a thoughtful glance.

Kristen felt a scarlet tinge to her face and considered punching Mike, but Wilson's sage-green eyes temporarily distracted her from her rage.

She quickly caught herself and asked Wilson, "What are you staring at?"

Wilson laughed as he raised his hands casually.

Kristen abruptly raised herself, looked at Mike, and said, "We ought to go."Get ready to go.In the parking lot, we'll be waiting for you."

Over the red rocks, the pink sky lit up as the sun set in the west.The aqua-blue river flowed steadily, as if it were unaffected by humans, deep in the canyon between the mountains.A small group of hikers scoured the land on rocky trails on a small mountain just west of the city on the east rim of the canyon in search of an ancient hidden cave.Three of the hikers were archaeologists from the excavation site: an American named Jeff, a tall Russian named Leo, and a short, stocky Italian named James.James, a Native American who was well-versed in the area and served as a guide for the others, was the fourth man.

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