Cosmia Challenge.

Qingchang's magic talent fighting match is in its quarterfinals right now.

Of course, there are a lot more people watching. Many visitors arrived hoping to view the fight in the Institute's arena. Still, they were forced to swallow their disappointment. There are no open seats in the stands. Disappointed looks can be seen on the faces of those waiting outside the arena to watch the contest inside the stadium, which is shown on a single tablet stone on the arena wall but only shows combatant silhouettes and the voice of the emcee Gerania.

From her perch in the contingent, Kiran thumped her gaze.

He recognized the woman he saw. In Shanggu City, Zetta Mui appeared to be seated in a row of Imperial sorcerers. The stunning woman appeared to be serving a half-old man who was costumed as a witch.

"There are some lovely women I know. Kiran whispered to Kiyowara, "Her name is Zetta Mui. Today's competition will include Kiran and Kiyowara as the Magentum Institute's competitors. A day earlier,
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