The Story of The Phoenix Knight

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The Story of The Phoenix Knight

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Kiran, a young boy from the puppet state of Qingchang, a Hersen Empire colony, meets The Flame, a Phoenix creature, by chance, and this encounter will alter the course of his destiny. Kiran was unaware that the Phoenix was a myth. He is the mount of the White Sage Alaric, who passed away many years ago when engaged in a sky battle against the Warlock invader Emperor Hersen. When they first encountered each other, the dying Middle Phoenix had just broken free from the wizarding prison and was being ganged on by numerous Hersen Empire sorcerers. That night, when The Flame wouldn't move, fire benders, water benders, wind controllers, and even elemental controllers arrived in the sky and caused the sky to turn red. The Flame requests that Kiran use the 'Riding' technique, which unites the soul with her. Kiran completed the riding process without incident. Unfortunately, Kiran's memory of riding was erased by The Flame. Once The Flame determined his age was appropriate, he recalled everything. Kiran then basks in his glory after being identified as an illusionist, a clever youngster with magical abilities. The fact that Kiran was a student at the Magentum Institute in Shanggu City caused her to capture the interest of many individuals gradually. He matured till the Kingdom of Hersen thought Kiran could serve as an officer. When all the secrets are disclosed at once, Kiran is sought after. What is the upcoming story? You can read a narrative with an intriguing plot that features magic and legendary animals.


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56 chapters
PreludeThe conflict that broke out in the Qingchang Empire in the 500th year of the Hersen Empire, when the complete flow of magical energy on the surface of the Ayax Continent gave the creatures in the forest the ability to communicate, has since vanished into the heart of the forest.There is no longer any charm, and the graciousness is gone, as are the trees, the birds, and the marine animals. Nobody wants to talk to a person now viewed as dangerous, self-destructive, and selfish.The 9,600,000 km2 Ayax Continent is covered in a thin layer of Purple Magic Energy that covers its whole surface. The ability of the God Tempestia to channel that Enchantment Energy into a frightening force is possessed by a very small number of living things. The ability to control purple energy on Earth's surface causes disaster.To increase their capacity to fight and continue to fight in the name of the major Emperor, the five major Empires of the Ayax Continent competed for resources and the right t
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Kiran from Begonia City
Kiran, an 11-year-old, lives in Begonia City with his parents, Arhun and Kora Wang.He doesn't have a sibling. When he was 19, two of his older brothers, Thorn Wang, perished in a conflict with the Chosa. The second oldest sister in the Wang family, who also perished in battle, died after Aura Wang. The Qingchang Empire enlisted all to aid Hersen in his conflict with Chosa and Zhouya.Kiran can still recall. Thorn Wang was proclaimed dead in battle then. Imperial soldiers were knocking on the door with a letter from the empire that read aloud in front of the door, "The Empire is very grateful for the contribution of the deceased's young manpower."The mother of Kiran passed out.Arhun Wang tried to maintain his composure while listening to the soldiers read the official news from beginning to end. The home spent a month in mourning. Every day, Arhun stopped speaking and went silent.Another imperial soldier rang the doorbell again a season later. The news was read in front of Arhun, K
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Phoenix and the Spirit Ship
Kiran was taken aback. He regarded the night sky over the Forbidden Forest as his heart raced. In his lifetime, it was a performance he will never forget."Is that the Phoenix, the White Sage's contract creature, as storyteller Niraj Singh tells us?" Kiran questioned.He is a little boy who enjoys fairy stories. Mr Niraj Singh regularly gives a stage performance at the wine bar of Brimm The Liquidator, Kiran, telling legendary tales. His favorite mythology concerns the conflict between the White Sage and the Black Warlock in the sky above the Ayax Continent. The storyteller astounded Kiran and his pals.Rumour is reported to have it. Sorcerer Niraj Singh was one. He works for the Red Phoenix Clan as a covert agent and spy. But that still needs to be verified. The reverse side. The distance between the two figures and the earth increased. The ground shook as a result of the loud noise.Rooaar! The spirit ship and the Phoenix flew overhead. They grabbed each other and fell to the groun
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Phoenix Named The Flame
Krooong! The sound of flapping wings resonated in Kiran's head.At first, it was slow, but it got louder and more complex. The sound of the gong being beaten echoed in Kiran's ears. As it got closer, the vibration of the wings shook Kiran's body.Kiran was hysterical. "I don't want to die yet!"Swoosh! Kiran jumped as far as he could. His body then rolled over the grass of the field, ending with the trunk of a nearby pine tree. Kiran was in pain. It was a large and young tree. And the explosion sounded.BOOM!Dust flew, following the soaring flames, as the Phoenix instantly hit the scorched grassy ground.Kiran felt the hot steam expand to where it was lying. The skin seemed to be about to peel off. The red-yellow Flame burned for a moment. Afterward, it goes out.Silence!Kiran was in pain. His whole body was stiff, mixed with pain. He tried to stand up but couldn't. Resignedly, he lay face down in silence, trying to survive the pain.The Forbidden Forest was silent. There was no sou
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Storyteller Niraj Singh
It's still dark; the sun hasn't been seen yet. The cold wind blew from the Forbidden Forest, making the Begonia City residents even more sleepy. Everyone tightened the quilt to survive the freezing air.But in the heart of the Whispering Forest, a military group paced back and forth among the rustling shadows of pine trees. The sky was clear and cloudless, beginning to be dark blue, a sign that dawn was approaching.Swish!The three medium-sized spirit ships are all made of Padauk Wood, a unique wood with wood grain that looks beautifully glowing in the still dark sky. Those spirit ships shuttled over the border of the two empires. Qingchang and Zolia.Now and then, spotlights from a height are emitted through the lush pine leaves. There is an important thing that concerns those people. The 100 military men, pacing on the outskirts of the forest, looked busy looking for something.The dashing man was no more than 30 years old; it seemed he was the military group's commander.He was we
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In Begonia Town Square
Kiran and his friend take a thousand steps – Bolted like a deer – and they disappear in the dark of night. At Brimm, the Liquidator, Eve Whitehouse, cast a cold gaze at the window where they had been peeking.++++++Avena, Kai, and Ming ran toward the left, and Kiran continued to run on the rocky road.Kiran also disappeared at the crossroads; he ran fast with his chest pounding. He didn't even feel that he had traveled a long distance in the blink of an eye. He had been hiding under an uncomfortable rough blanket in his cramped room just now.Kiran couldn't fall asleep. His eyes opened wide, looking at the hollow ceiling of the room!He imagined the cold gaze of the pale, white-haired woman just now. The aura emanating from the Pyromancer seemed capable of killing him, even with a look. For some reason, something in his mind made him dislike the Pyromancer earlier. But he tried to ignore it.Ultimately, the drowsiness came, and he fell asleep and forgot about the thrilling events in
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Temple of Tempestia
Begonia City went into an uproar. The mysterious group's battle action attracted attention. But they are afraid. Who would dare to get close to an Elemental Control Guild fighting like that? If one gets hit by a target shot, one's life might be wasted.People were busy running to save themselves, avoiding the chaos. Some fell, and a group of panicked visitors even trampled some. Luckily there were no casualties in the incident.Everyone was seen without a cloak; no one wore a hooded cloak like the first time the people gathered in the square.And far above the stage, Niraj Singh had completely disappeared, disappeared with the mysterious group.Captain Bao stood with his hands on his hips in the middle of the field. With a sour face, he raised his sword high into the sky, then shouted with a great voice. His voice resounded across the sky of the town square."Everyone, please calm down. Don't make meaningless noises, which will add to the chaos. The military will take strict action ag
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Zetta Mui, Fortune Teller - I
Someone stopped Kiran's daydream. "Mother?" Kiran was surprised when Kora Wang tapped him on the shoulder"What are you doing here?" her gaze was curious."Let's go home! It's already afternoon. I don't want to be whipped just for waiting for you to chat here. The curfew will take effect soon!" Kora Wang was very firm. The children dispersed.Kiran walked hurriedly; his mother returned his hand to their small house. On the way to the house, not only the two of them were seen walking fast. Many people going back and forth were also in a hurry to return to their homes before the curfew was enforced. No one wants to be whipped, in the town square, with thousands of townspeople watching. It's too embarrassing!Kiran pulled the rough blanket up to his neck. He's looking for warmth. For some reason, since Avena had said that the enchantment candidate was selected, they had to move to Shanggu City, to that famous magic academy. Kiran shivered nervously. It was not bear to be separated from h
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Zetta Mui, Fortune Teller (ii)
Dozens of children participating in the talent audition line up neatly under the podium. In his uniform, an officer was a military man passing out serial numbers to go on stage to take the aptitude test guided by Zetta Mui - a fortune teller girl.Kiran got serial number 12."This is a number that does not indicate fortune but is also not unlucky.Hopefully, I pass the audition later," thought Kiran, his face sullen. The number three is a lucky number for Kiran.In the Qingchang Empire, At this time, the people believe in mystical things. So whatever it is, it is always associated with bad luck or not. From numbers or days, even months, they always believe there are lucky times and unlucky times for certain numbers. This month, the number three is a favorite number.The town square is getting busier.After all the auditionees received their queue numbers, Zetta Mui invited them to the stage in number order."First sequence!"Before anything else happened, a great roar was heard, and t
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Invitation of the Magentum Institute.
Kiran's heart beat wildly! The railings of the short steps leading to the podium feel like a long hallway leading to the death chamber.Kiran was filled with insecurity and worry that his talent test results would lead to disappointment.Kiran trembled."Calm down, little brother. Take a deep breath and touch the magic brush.Now!" Zetta tried to persuade him.Kiran became confident.Inexplicably, Zetta's gentle and kind voice made his mind clear.Zetta urged."Let's start with one brushstroke on the surface of the canvas, and it's all done!" Zetta commanded, now her tone commanded. That hesitant attitude made her lose her temper quickly."Good luck!" Kiran closes his eyes, pumping up his spirits, and unexpectedly, she waves goodbye, mimicking Zetta's dramatic gestures.Whoa!That magic ink liquid fully stained the entire surface of the canvas. Everyone in the square was wide-eyed.Kiran is careless!He should have swept the brush for just a few drops, but in Kiran's hand, the magic p
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