Chapter 47: Heroin e and Villainess

"There is something I would like to know."

She said and I can see that Erica is clenching her fist, this did not notice by Arianne, and could only sigh.

"May I know what is it, Ms. Erica?"

"How Ms. Arianne met... Mr. Raphael..."

She said, we are seating at the table with our food, the blue-haired girl, or Mana which is a familiar name thanks to a certain talkative person, could not help but continue eating keeping silent in the unpredictable atmosphere.

"Rael... Save me and my big sister in a forest... I was about to be ravaged by the Orcs but thankfully, Rael and Ana came and... After that, it was as if love at first sight, I became attracted to him... "

Erica looked at Aria with wide eyes before pointing her gaze against me, I only nodded and could not look into her eyes due to guilt.

I feel like a person who has an affair...

"Then... When did you have... Relationships towards each other?"

"Hm? Fufufu, We three discuss it and I am his third wife by the way."


Mana, choked
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