The Texan Billionaire Heir

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The Texan Billionaire Heir

By: Kaci CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Most would grovel just at the thought of being the sole heir of the billionaire, Newton Bishop, but not Justin, even after the discovery of his paternity. He is unwillingly drawn into a life he wasn't prepared for. It did come with it's perks, but it sure does have a price. Does Justin know what it costs? Does he have what it takes to pay the cost?

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  • Terry


    Very good book

    2024-02-25 03:50:54
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130 chapters
CHAPTER 1: A NIGHT TO REMEMBER."That being said, you're dismissed," Professor James said, ending his class. The students packed their books to leave the lecture hall, chattering as they went out, mostly in pairs."Justin? A word," Professor James called. "Uh man! What now?" Justin grumbled under his breath. He sighed frustratedly leaving the company of his friends to go meet his Business Management Professor, who happened to also be his supervisor."You called for me," Justin said as he approached Professor James."Yes. You're just a month away from your graduation. Have you considered my proposition?" Professor James asked, looking intently at Justin. "Yes, I have," he replied. "But, I never thought of taking such a path before."His Professor chuckled softly, looking at Justin."You're a smart young man, and this faculty could use someone like you. Besides, this is you being offered a job even before graduation. That's a rare opportunity for most students here at San Jacinto Coll
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CHAPTER 2: BROTHERHOOD."Um, I'm not sure I got you babe," Justin smiled nervously, seriously hoping she was just messing around."I said, I cannot marry you," Samantha said slowly, and clearly, counting her words. Justin looked at her, furrowing his brow, confused. "I don't- I don't understand, Sam," he said, still on knees."Aren't you getting me? I cannot marry you. You can't afford to take care of me. I've endured putting up with your broke life for this long. I can't anymore."Those words hit Justin as though a two thousand pound bison slammed him in the gut on full speed. His head swirled, as a daze overwhelmed him. "Sam, tell me you're kidding right now," Justin said, struggling real hard to fight back tears. Samantha sighed frustratedly, and said, "Do I look like I am joking right now? It's over between us." Justin stood up, dumbfounded at the turn of events. This was the last thing he ever imagined could happen. He looked round and saw Samantha's friends laughing at him.
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CHAPTER 3: A FULL HOUSE."Oh, Justin. It took you long enough. Welcome," Samantha greeted.Justin was utterly perplexed seeing Samantha at his house, being all warm and friendly towards him. He didn't know what to make of it. "Samantha? What are you doing here? We're no longer together. You broke up with me. Remember?" Justin said, doing his best to maintain his cool."Oh Justin, I am fully aware of that," Samantha said, rolling her eyes. "Are you gonna come in or what?"Justin kept looking at her, confused and oblivious as to what was going on. But then, he got his bag and walked into the house. Coming in, he was greeted with a sight that brought back mostly hurtful memories of his growing up days as a child. Not being a biological child of the family that raised him, made them to treat him discriminatively. He always felt like an outsider amongst them, under the same roof.He knew his only hope for a bailout from that situation was his education. So, he burned the midnight candle,
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CHAPTER 4: ENEMIES AT THE TABLE."Dinner is ready," Mrs Adams said, calling the attention of everyone, as she and Samantha were done setting the table."Alrighty! It was about time," Joey said, all excited. The father-son duo got up and headed to the dining table. They were seated at the living room chatting away just between the two of them.Justin was seated in the living room as well, but he seemed to be invisible to them, as always. He didn't mind though, that was normal. At least, he wasn't being beaten anymore. He was way too grown for that now.The twins, Geoffrey and Juliet both exited their rooms and headed to the dining table. Justin was the last to get up and head to the dining table. Immediately he stood up, he saw Joey smacking Samantha's butt and winking at her. She gave him a look of disapproval, but he smirked instead and took his seat. Justin furrowed his brow, wondering what the hell that was all about, but he said nothing.Justin took his seat beside the excited Ge
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CHAPTER 5: NOT MY FAMILY."Smack the shit out of that ungrateful moron. She's made her choice. Be happy that she chose someone like Joey," Mrs Adams said. "Language Magdalene, language," Mr Adams cautioned his wife this time. "Oh, whatever," Mrs Adams snorted disrespectfully at her husband. Her attention was on her favorite child, Joey.Joey and Justin stood, glaring at each other. As face off was imminent. Justin peered hatefully at Samantha and Joey, but refrained from swinging a punch at either of them. "Because you're all grown now, you think you can take me on? Huh? I don't need all that muscle to beat the living day light out of you," Joey snarled.Indeed, Justin who was once little had grown up to have a moderately muscular build on his six foot body frame, which appealed to most folks who beheld him. He was a good looking young man, but he lacked the things that would make that handsomeness of his stand out from many.Justin suddenly chuckled, shaking his head disappointedl
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CHAPTER 6: THE BIG APPLE."Dude, what those folks did is outrageous. Jeez," Duke said over the phone, speaking with Justin. He had arrived his shared apartment at SJC a day after the altercation he had with his foster family. "Tell me about it," Justin retorted, snorting detestably."It makes me wonder how you were ever raised by those maniacs.""Point of correction, I wasn't raised by them, I only lived with them," Justin pointed out."That's about right," Duke agreed. "So what are you gonna do now?"He sighed, and replied, "I don't know man. Well, am thinking I should just take up Professor James' offer. What do think?" "Hmm," Duke pondered for a bit. "You have big dreams man, and I know you have a shot at pulling it off and getting your footing in the big apple, unlike some of us who've been tied down to run the family business. So I think you should give your dreams and aspirations a shot.""You really think so?" he asked."Mm-hmm. Despite all that you sacrifed for that self ce
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CHAPTER 7: THE INTERVIEW.Justin hurried to his apartment and locked the door behind him. He leaned on it as he inhaled and exhaled, doing his best to calm his nerves down as his heart raced. He quickly went to his window which faced the street and hid by it's corner to have a look at the street. From the angle he stood, he didn't see the vehicle. So he went to the other side, and slightly parted the curtain. Peeking through, he found no trace of the car that followed him.He sighed in relief, and sat on his bed. Anxiety had made a bit sweaty, so he wiped it off his face. "What the hell was that? Am I being followed or what? But- But, I didn't offend anyone. Did I?" Justin questioned himself, trying to be certain he wasn't just being paranoid."Could it be the pick pocket?" he pondered. "Or, could it be the Adams?" Those were the two folks that he could come up with in his wildest imaginations that would want to hurt him. But he did nothing wrong to them, so that made him even the
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CHAPTER 8: OUT COLD"What?!" Justin gasped at what he heard. His name was the last to be mentioned to not have passed the second phase of the interview. The man who had tried to sow a seed of discouragement in him blurted out a laughter, but crossed his hand over his mouth to prevent it from being audible."Am sorry, but it's time for you to take your leave," the interviewer who called out the names instructed, unapologetically. Disheartened and disappointed at the turn of events, Justin got his bag and walked slowly out of the interview hall. Gloominess was written all over his face. He had high hopes, and all of a sudden now, everything seemed bleak.Mr Frank Alvaro watched Justin as he walked out of the interview hall, walking behind all the other disqualified candidates, heading to the elevator. He shrugged, pursing his lips, and faced the remaining candidates who made it to the third and final phase of the interview.Justin disappointedly walked out of the building, wondering
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CHAPTER 9: QUESTIONS UPON QUESTIONS.Justin was suddenly awakened as a result of his head bumping hard into the car seat in front of him. Shards of glasses were scattered within the car as the car was ran into by another car as his abductors conveyed him.An unknown group of men had kidnapped him, having paid off the neighbor some reasonable amount of money to have him sedated.Gaining a bit of consciousness, but drowsy still, he could hear an exchange of heavy gunfire for some moment. He could see some figures falling to the ground, as they were shot. But he had no strength, neither was he cognitive enough to do anything to keep himself safe from harm's way.After a while, the gunshots stopped. He saw the figure of a person approach him, flashing a light right at his face. Examining him, the man found that he was okay, except the concussion in his forehead."Wh- What's happe- What's happening?" Justin questioned faintly, squinting his eyes as he blocked off the light from entering hi
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CHAPTER 10: MOMENT OF TRUTH.Justin looked at Mr Bishop, wondering why he smirked."Why did you do it, sir?" Justin enquired.The men standing guard were sulking, wondering who the hell that Justin was, that their boss allowed him to speak freely with him."Well, let's just say they were suddenly interested in what I've had my eyes on for a while now," Mr Bishop answered.Justin raised his left eyebrow, looking intently at Mr Bishop. He knew Mr Bishop's answer was way too bogus. He could sense there was more to it than meets the eye."You think I had a hand in your abduction?" Mr Bishop said. "Here. Why don't you have a look?"He handed Justin his cellphone after he flipped through it, showing him a surveillance footage of the rescue. Justin played it and saw that he was actually resued."I truly am grateful sir, for the rescue. But, who are those folks who came after me? Why me, of all people? What did they want?" Justin asked.Mr Bishop sighed softly, and looked at Justin."This was
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