19: Queen of Demons, Princess of the hybrids

Mysterious let out a dark smile from his charming face, He stared around to see bodies littered on the floors, Heads rolling and hearts on the ground... This is indeed a brutal sight to behold, Mysterious still remains the mysterious who kills without mercy. 

" Such a pitiful scenario this is, The Random attack of this pathetic humans with special abilities or hunters depending on how they look, Never believed I will kill this much just like the way I murdered those insignificant humans " Mysterious uttered resting his back on a tree with bodies surrounding him.

" Of course master, I Vividly still remember the pains we passed through when the ocean lord and his team chanted the three thousand souls against us to torment us, Damn that shit hurts the most " Flames said shrieking back to his normal size. 

" Seems we are not yet done with killing the ninjas master " Storm announced and mysterious smiled, This time he will do the honors by

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