20: In Three Days Time, Its Gonna be full moon


18 years ago

Elena kept on running with the baby in her hands, The Witches kept on attacking her with fire balls but all Elena had to do was to just deflect the plasma flaming balls with stelf and energy, Elena passed through the midst of trees in the woods. 

Elena gasped as a strong force hits sending her crashing, She is now surrounded by the witches of terror with Wendigos behind them, Elena groaned standing up to her feet slowly with the baby in her hands... She coughed out. 

" Hitting me unexpectedly because am holding a child is foolishness witches of terror, You fools couldn't even wait for me to be in perfect shape before attacking Huh, you fools know that you wouldn't dare face the princess of The Hybrids and the future queen of the demons Nazari Kingdom which you pigs bow before Huh " Elena uttered now fully back on her feet while smiling deviously. 

" We don't care what you utter Elena, Give u

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