52: Crazy right?

👺👺👺Anihilators Base🦂🦂🦂

Spotlights beamed everywhere, The base were filled with noises as both agents, scientists hovered around the base, Metal suited men could be seen guarding their assigned duty post with their armours loaded with plasma ray weapons. 

The highly restricted area, Mrs Chevolet and Mrs Vladimir are spotted sitting majestically on their silver throne, High ranking agents were seen bowing before them with their knees on the ground in honor. 

The Door of the restricted hall opened up revealing Kristy Vladmir who walked in with smiles beaming from her face, Behind her... Three war machines followed her with their program equipped them for battle. 

" Mothers you sent me for me? " Kristy asked, She bowed before the two regent of the Anihilators, The Anihilators Is a big mystery on its own, No one knows who the real leaders of the Anihilators were... It's all a mystery! 

" Yes my dear, It looks like

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