61: Evil Revelations

Who is the demon wolf? 

The Creator of werewolves and hell demons, One of the six spirits of the ancient void of evil... He wrecked havoc upon worlds, and race to race... Creating more of his creatures ( Werewolves)  and forcing them to bow before his great auras. 

After the intensed battle against Archangel Michael and his angelic warriors, He was defeated and they believe his soul was torn apart after the sword of Micheal pierced into his heart, They thought they won the great war until the Dark Trinity revived him back and formed back his soul. 

No one knows about the tales of the demon wolf and no one will ever believe it, Once it is spoken to the multitude, They all believe it's only but a myth and a folklore and they castigated whoever speaks such treasurous words. 

The Demon wolf has been hiding perfectly in the darkness and in the shadows, Escaping from the grip of foes in other not to let the Time the creato

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