62: I am nature

" Why did you do it? " 

Diana asked with so much anger in her voice, Mysterious could be seen standing beside her with a sobber expression on his face, The place they were is no realm but the human world, In an hidden mountain. 

" I did because of it is my fate, Nature brought me here to do so... You won't understand what I am saying " Mysterious replied, He made to touch Diana but Diana slapped his hands off, She was happy to see her mate once again. 

But hearing and seeing all what her mate had cause got her pissed off big time, Mysterious once again tried placing his hands on Diana shoulders but she slapped him off once again, No one messes with the furious Diana. 

" How on earth would nature ordered you to have done that, You killed thousands out there... You broke the wall of the order and caused an unbalance, Now I am here... No one knows who or what brought him here...."


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