The Woodsman and The Elven Princes

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The Woodsman and The Elven Princes

By: fibiaavanti CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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Axel Hausmann, a 30-years-old woodsman, who is being dragged by his unknown friend, who claimed his status as an elf prince. The elf prince wanted help from Axel to rescue his world. Can Axel help the elf prince and come home safely?  —  Disclaimer: The novel cover characters made by respective artists.

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  • fibiaavanti


    Please give me a support, this is my first fantasy story. Hope you guys like it!

    2023-03-30 19:55:09
  • ajengfelix


    this story is very interesting. I can't stop reading and want to know what's next

    2023-03-22 18:36:41
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150 chapters
Chapter 1
The sound of a horse-drawn carriage filled my ears. I'd already arrived in a town full of rich folks wearing fancy fur coats. The horse neighed as I pulled on its reins. "Stay put, boy!" I patted him and hopped down."How much you got there?" the old man asked, walking with a bit of a limp."A lot," I replied, loosening my tie and cracking open the old, dusty fabric.Two beefy guys came and took down the logs that I'd brought. The old man dug into his pocket and started counting his cash. I leaned in close to check out the bills, so I knew what he'd pay me. "This!"So, I grabbed it and counted one more time before getting onto my horse-drawn carriage. "Thanks, catch ya tomorrow, sir." And with that, I hopped back onto the driver's seat.My trusty horse-drawn carriage took me out of the city gates as they waved goodbye to me and into the forest. The cool, crisp breeze made me feel relaxed. We gradually went deeper and deeper into the forest, about 30 miles away from the city.So, an hou
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Chapter 2
“A prince?” I was echoing his words. “Yes, I am a prince. So, please give me some respect.. a.. a muddy-ugly-woodsman.” He gave an order. “Excuse me, Sir. What did you just call me?” My eyes widened with my hands crossed in front of my chest. “I don’t even know you, Mr. Pointy ears.” A loud howling can be heard from my place. “Oh sh*t! What time is this?” “What is that?” Myrdin asked me without knowing anything. “It is a wolf, they are going to hunt right now.” I explained it fast while rolling my eyes. “Werewolf?” Myrdin looked at me with an innocent look. “No! It is just a wolf. A real wolf.” Annoyed. “Come on! We need to go!” I took my lantern and led the way out of this forest. Myrdin followed me like a lost puppy until we arrived at my house. Open the door and let him in for his safety, before locking it again. “Okay, just stay here for tonight if you don’t want to die.” I turned off the lantern and turned on the fireplace. Closed all the windows before taking a towel a
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Chapter 3
The next day, when everything was in the pink. My head felt so heavy while my body was aching. I smelled something burning and a lot of dusk, it made me choke several times. I saw Myrdin sleep while sitting in the middle of the living room. I growled while stood up and walked into the kitchen. “Myrdin, are you going with me?” I spoke while gulping a glass of water. Myrdin opened his eyes and looked at me with his messy face. “Where are you going?” He asked, looking straight at my soul. I felt so distracted by his gaze, so I turned my face and washed my glass. “To the city.” “Okay, I am coming!” Without thinking twice, he stood up and followed me like a chick. I was preparing myself, took a furry jacket, dirty clothes for the carriage, and rope, before going back to the forest. I gave Myrdin another jacket to keep his pale skin from the views of people in the city. He didn’t give any comments and followed me quietly. We were going back to my carriage and took it from the mud which
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Chapter 4
I saw a forest with tall trees, sparkling like glitter, and a dazzling light surrounded. The trees had a peculiar shape, like a cloud or wool. The sky was not blue, but orange, yellow, white, and a little bit pink or purple. The sparkling looked like a firefly but it was not, I could not see clearly what kind of insects. This forest also had a dazzling light just like the light I saw at Myrdin. I turned my head with a glare. “Your world?” I could not believe that he didn’t lie. “Yes! Finally!” He looked really happy because he could go back to his home. “Myr-”“THERE YOU ARE!” Myrdin shouted when he saw something pass by. I tried to see what he saw that made him shout and ran. He was chasing something that I couldn’t see clearly, but I think it looked like a mini man with horns. That creature also looked so weird to me. I was thinking of going back to the library, but unconsciously my body just followed Myrdin that almost disappeared from me. I looked back several times, before my
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Chapter 5
When I walked alone, someone or maybe something followed me. I didn’t even care about it, I thought it was Myrdin who followed me. But, I was already shrouded in anger and focusing on finding my way home. After miles away, the rustle in the bushes keeps distracting. So, I turned my head and started asking, “Who is that?” But no one answered my question, “Myrdin?” Because there was no answer, I felt something strange. I continue walking, finding my way home. I walked a little bit fast while feeling something behind me. My heart beat so fast and made me feel scared. Automatically, my feet run faster and faster but I cannot find the way out from this forest. “Sh*t!” I screamed and cursed for myself. “Myrdin, help!” Unconsciously I called Myrdin for help but I knew Myrdin won’t hear it. I tripped over a rock and it made my elbow dirty. The rustle still followed me, I could see the bushes keep swaying. I stared at it with googly eyes, and pulled my body back. I saw the shadow appearing
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Chapter 6
After a long fight with this Krampus geng, finally we won. Myrdin and I walked back to the waterfall, and came back to Myrdin's home. I gave back the dagger to him, but he rejected it and wanted me to save it for later. Myrdin invited me to his castle which amazed me from the first time I saw it. The guard helped to open up the main door. "Thank you," said me to the guard.But, they didn't answer and stood still without expression. I didn't mind and kept following Myrdin. We arrived in the dining room with a long table which had around 20 or more chairs. The servants started coming with a lot of food in their hands. Myrdin sat on the chair in the middle of the table while I was sitting right beside him. I looked at the servants and also the foods that looked really appetizing. After all the dishes were served, Myrdin looked at me. "Eat it! You look hungry," said him. "I never saw this kind of food, but it looks delicious." I appreciated it. "Thank you for coming back and wanting t
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Chapter 7
These Krampus looked so aggressive, they attacked us without doubt. They jumped and wanted to bite me, but I tried to fight and fend off it. I was getting used to stabbing and using this dagger. Their blood splashed all over my clothes and I just noticed that the blood smell was so stingy. They kept coming and I already killed maybe fifty or more Krampus. Ten minutes later, all the Krampus died in front of us. I took a deep breath, “Why are these things keep on coming? How many of them are here?” I was questioning while cleaning my dagger with my dirty clothes. “I don’t know but they breed so fast,” answered Myrdin, keeping his bow and arrow. “Okay, let’s go! We need to find my friend.” Myrdin led the way out from the forest and came out in the middle of this world, Myrdin’s place. I walked a big step because I had to balance the steps with Myrdin. I could see a big castle that was twice bigger than what I saw behind the waterfall. I climbed on the big rock and stood on it with Myr
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Chapter 8
Myrdin was pointing exactly straight forward to the castle. I followed the direction of Myrdin’s index finger which was pointing at the palace. The palace was not as big as Myrdin’s palace, but it looked so elegant. The castle was not tall but wide, the castle color was blur, white, and gold, surrounded by pearls and also bubbles. “That was so beautiful!” Amazed me without blinking. “We need to find him!” Myrdin shouted and made me realize that we had a job here. Myrdin swam in front of me and I followed him. While heading to the castle, I looked around the city and still didn’t believe what I saw. Everything in this world is so unreal for me and I just knew that this kind of world existed. We almost got in the front door until we saw something unfamiliar. It wasn’t a Krampus but sea creatures that also looked so ugly. “What is that?” I asked Myrdin and hid behind his back. “I don’t know either, maybe some species that Nym has but I never saw it.” Myrdin answered me with confusio
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Chapter 9
I have never swam this long before. I didn't know how many hours that I had spent in this water today, but my skin didn’t wrinkle at all. Magic. The scenery on this sea was also very different from what I have ever known. There were many unique creatures here and all of them were sparkling. I swam while looking around, enjoying the scenery very well and kept following them, because I didn’t want to be lost. “There!” Said the goldfish stopped in front of the place where Nym was being kidnapped. Myrdin and I stopped and looked at the place where the goldfish was pointing at. It was dark and really steep, this was the first time I saw a dark place since I was here. I looked down and my body was shivering, so I pulled back and looked at the goldfish. “Are you sure?” “Yes, I knew the Krampus was living there.” The goldfish said it with confidence. I turned my head to Myrdin and whispered, “Do you believe in this goldfish?” My eyes frowned. Myrdin didn’t answer me, he was still looking
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Chapter 10
I received the signal from Myrdin and I started to run forward. Same as before, Myrdin and I worked together to finish off these Krampus. We absolutely didn’t forgive this mystical beast, called Krampus. We have killed a lot of Krampus but instead of decreasing, it has increased. Nym was still standing in his place with some fright. “Nym, would you like to help us?” Myrdin tried to ask him out. “I am not sure that we can win against them.” Paused. “Maybe, we should run out from here.” Nym gave an idea without a solution. Myrdin and I already felt overwhelmed. So, we didn’t have any option without following Nym’s idea. Me and Myrdin exchanged glances with each other before we ran out from there with Nym. Once again, Myrdin pulled me up on his back. Myrdin and Nym swam as fast as they could while I was holding on Myrdin’s back and monitoring Krampus who was chasing us. “Faster!” I said when I looked at Krampus started to reach out. We were swimming in the dark and not infrequently
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