66: You are lucky


King Belveren is spotted sitting down comfortably on his throne, the runes flickered inflicting more auras into the throne room, No guards.. No Cabinet members, Just him..He needs to think about everything that is going on.

He has been living an unlucky life, He has an evil, dark and cunny sister who later became the queen of the dragons, He knows that his sister Elsa hands are stained with the bloods of his parent and he is sure going to get his revenge. 

If only he can just break through the curse placed upon him by his treacherous brother, Vikon was once a loving, sweethearted brother he loved so much, Until Elsa kidnapped... Darkened his heart against him and then his loving brother became his daring foe. 

King Belveren wish is to break the curse, Once the curse is broken... He will bring in his dark demons which he trapped in a cage, Those demons carries his bloods.. They are kinda his sons but from different types of creatures

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