67: I don't know what I am

Bright lights shone through out the Anihilators headquarters, As usual everyone is busy doing what they were assigned to do.. Doctors and Scientists walking together on a project they were assigned to handle. 

Meanwhile in the most powerful room in the headquarter, Mr Vladimir and Mr Chevolet could be seen sitting down on their different thrones with marijuana in their mouth, Puffing out smokes like a professional.

" The elders gave us an assignment, A task to bring down the dark trinity, They are powerful threats to this our world " A voice uttered amidst the gathering, The gathering of The Anihilators heads... Heads of all the base in the world came together. 

Mr Osborn is also among the multitude of leaders, Mr Vladimir and Mr Chevolet were the boss this time around, They are the generals of the affairs of everything in the Anihilators organization. 

" Yes, We all know that we are on an assignment to bring down all further

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