82: Evil remains evil




" Beelzebub is dead, We can't sense his auras " 

King Vikon stated while bowing to the Eradicators, All the armies are ready for the war, They are prepared with their weapons as warriors, They are only waiting for the orders to strike their opponents.

The Five Eradicators sighed after hearing the news, Belveren is not their target at all, He may have powers but he ain't that powerful, What they are perfectly waiting for is the time to strike down their enemies.

" I supposed that's good news for you and your sister, Belveren is useless to us so his death isn't something of great value, Have you tracked down the tribrid? " Great Bushi stated, He has been the leader of the Eradicators for years and he will also be, His deviousness grants him the much value and powers he wishes.

He has been living for fifty thousand years, Moving from Galaxy to Galaxy, Worlds to Worlds and Dimensions to Dimensions, They discovered this Dimensio

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