83: Varies of Darkness




" What is that? " 

Regai asked pointing at the sky, The cloud became pitch as they scent forces passing through the already destroyed borders, Regai crushed down the frozen bat monsters into pieces, And his eyes glowed.

Therek unleashed a massive amount of fire into the clouds, The clouds separated revealing ugly looking monsters as they trooped into the human world, The princess let out a heavy sigh as they watched the monsters emerging.

" Good, Just when we aren't done destroying this bat monsters, Another armies of ugly looking monsters arrives.... Can't this get any better? " Therek asked looking frustrated, He glared at the monsters with gnashed teeths, Vekan swinged his axe chopping of the heads of the Bat monsters that attacked him.

" I might be the god of chaos but I am tired of fighting this ravaging monsters " Vekan stated, He tossed his axe at the bat monsters and the axe went back to him, Tegan appeared before t

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