90: His Punishment




Mysterious appeared in another diverse realm, He chuckled softly as he has succeeded in destroying everything, The Third Dimension is no more, He is slowly healing due to the small powers he absorbed already.

" Mysterious never fails in all his missions, The one most powerful being in the cosmos, All lives in the Third Dimension is erased because the Dimension itself seize to exist, I am one hell of a bad boy right? " Mysterious asked himself.

This is just like a realm on its own existence, A creation of Mysterious when he had the Eternal rings, He created this realm to survive on its own because this will be his temporary home after he is done destroying the Third Dimension.

" What am I sensing? " Mysterious asked himself in confusion, The Realm's barriers is been breached by warriors of lights, Archangels with strong grace and skillfull wings, Mysterious smirked after seeing the Archangels.

" I guess it's time " Myster

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