The Underrated Son-In-Law : I Am The World Richest Man

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The Underrated Son-In-Law : I Am The World Richest Man

By: Mol Des CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Brian Patrick, a humble delivery boy, was falsely accused of siphoning $15 billion dollars by his ruthless boss, Morgan Harris, sent to jail for fifteen years and finally released as a poverty-stricken, boy. He re-united with his family only to be informed he had been an adopted son and a bastard all the while. Family despised him to the path he threaded; friends tagged him a total loser, a failure, a poverty-stricken nobody and a nuisance that shouldn’t be associated with. Those he worked for refused him his paycheck for the sake of his history as an ex convict and his ragged looks and he ended up scavenging dustbins for survival. Because of his poverty, his father-in-law, Fanny Luis, the richest tycoon in Rio Hondo, divorced him and betrothed his wife, Melissa in an arranged marriage, with the son of a billionaire, despite saving her with his kidney, when she was down with a kidney failure. “I promise you some day, you and your family will bow before me and hail me the world richest man,” he had told his wife when she divorced him… Later, about taking his life, he was called “Boss” by tycoons, big wigs and billionaires, who knew his true identity. Soon his true identity was revealed to him; the true heir to the Saint Don Group, the richest oil and gas conglomerate in the world. Everyone that saw him bowed at his feet, his wealth and charming looks pulled the most beautiful girls and his net worth commanded more than thirty trillion dollars. He became god of wealth. If only his haters had known he was the world richest man, perhaps they wouldn’t have underrated him. But now he would be taking his revenge on those that treated him like a piece of rag.

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193 chapters
Finally out of prison
It was heavy winter in the cold tranquil, prison yard where I stood by the side of an impervious jailer whose hostile face held no joy.Once he bent over to sign some documents, he gave me a nod that impinged me to do same.“Today you are released from the four walls of this prison, Brian Patrick,” he called me softly and patted my fragile shoulders as though to be more emphatic.I grinned, swallowed hard, lowered my gaze as if by any careless moves of my eyelids those tears would trickle.I sniffed. Finally my tears trickled.“You are going back to the society. Be of good behavior and stay off financial fraud,” his masculine voice groaned a warning.I dared to fight back more tears as my shattered face brook no argument.Behind the gigantic gate of the prison yard, I stood, waiting as the gate creaked and got opened for me to step out.“So I was leaving this prison finally,” I intoned in my head.A welcoming, chilled wind blew at me, leaving my long, unkempt hair fluttering behind my
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Re-uniting with my family
After a stressful knock on the Mahogany door, a teenage boy finally scuttled through to answer the door.My scraggly-beards, unkempt-mustache dark face flashed at the boy…“Oh my gosh! Mad man!” he cursed me and tilted back his body, almost hitting the wall, “What are you doing here, you mad man?” the kid queried and slammed the door on me, with a slight cry for help as he paced back into the room.I could hear his feet stamping on the floor as he ran back into the bedroom calling on his parents.I stared around the entire serene environment. Everywhere had changed radically. We never had a garden, and if I could recall we had a leaking roof and scrubby broken doors and window panes. All of that had metamorphosed into a little haven, which instilled in me the room for argument if this was actually our home.“Where is the mad man?”A voice from inside interrupted my thought and I shot my gaze in the direction of the door as the voice thickened as it got closer.Soon I was staring at a
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Son of shame
The door bell rang and with father’s savoring voice from inside, I knew I just found my family. I snorted and forced out a contagious smile on my face as I waited through bated breath for father to open the door. Slowly the door creaked and opened, “Who are you?” father queried as his eyes narrowed and face scowled hugely like thunder, obviously trying to strike the resemblance.I kept at my smile which I never planned to do. I didn’t even know what I resembled smiling now with those heavy mustache and long unkempt hair, which had grossly grown into mucky dreads.Perhaps frowning would convince him that I was whom he never thought to see this early morning.But I had to introduce myself in the best of words, descriptive words of course, otherwise father and I would stand all day peering into each other’s face.“It is me, Brian your only child, your son who was falsely convicted of a financial crime fifteen years ago. Father it is me! Yes,” I gave an encouraging nod. “Brian Patrick, y
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~Half a million dollars hospital bill~
Upon gazing on mother in her sick bed, I fell upon my nibbled knees, caught her cold palms and planted enchanting kissed on her fickle palms. Just like father, mother had plunged into her old age so suddenly that I wondered if she was a granny.The machines connected to her veins and nostrils were beeping innumerably that I saw death hovering over her.“Mother! Wake up! It is me, Brian! I am out of prison now! Mother wake up, please…” I sobbed, shook her slightly to aid in waking her up if that could go a long way.But she lay put, stilly, unmoved, with her pale bulged face up at the ceiling as oxygen mask covered her entire face, like some space scientist.“Mother! Mother! I am sorry for the pain I inflicted on you! Please forgive me! I am out of prison now! I have come to prove my innocence to you! Please wake up…” I wailed at the tops of my voice, hoping I could get unhinged.“Brian hold on,” the doctor, a middle aged short-haired Indian motioned at me, “You don’t need to disturb y
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A bastard and a no body            
I stole a glance in the mirror opposite and I didn’t look anywhere close to a job applicant. My mustache was muggy and unkempt and my long hair gave me the image of a rascal mad man, who had been in the dirt for Gog-knows-when.The sleeves, pants and shoes I thought were going to augment for my dirty looks disappointed me. I just discovered that my sleeves had torn at the armpit and shoulders and the pants had torn under the zipper and the shoes were not only oversize but sole was yawning at me.They were all I could call cloths.When I stepped out and ran into father outside, he rolled his eyes at me that I felt a churning in my stomach. He was going to blow hot at me.I comported, pressed my hands in front, hoping he wasn’t going to notice the rags I wore.But I shouldn’t have asked him for this, “Father can I get two cents from you so that I can shave and look good for the interview?”The peril on his face could set a city ablaze. He trudged towards me and I pulled away. “May your
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Ridicules and mockery       
At dawn a horrendous, mind-seizing knock slammed on our door. Since I had no bed, I had to sit up all night to sleep. I was very much awake to answer the door, should there be any visitor.But father was faster than me to answer the door and afterwards a yell came at him.“Mr. Patrick how long is it going to take you to pay a five hundred dollars house rent, uh?”I paid attention carefully as I heard father plead with our landlord, “Please Mr. Kenny, give me some more time. My wife’s illness has taken everything from me. I am going to pay up in due time, please I promise.”The landlord groaned annoyingly, “You are less than poverty, Mr. Patrick what other due time do you want other than the ones I have given to you. You just manage a one room yet you can’t pay for it. Isn’t it better you pack out and relocate to the cold street, uh?”Initially I craned to behold the landlord but since I couldn’t stand my father being insulted by anybody, I came out side to reprimand him.“Oh who do we
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I may be on my way to securing a job at Melody Cab. It was a taxi company that caught my fancy a few days ago during a job hunt.For over an hour, the resource personnel held me in a steamy bickering over my unkempt looks.“Mr. Brian Patrick, it is in my interest to employ you as our taxi driver but for your looks. You look scraggly and unkempt like a bush man and if you understand this business very well you will appreciate the fact that passengers are moved by what they see. With this looks of yours our customers will be daunted.”I had lowered my gaze shamefully all this while he spoke to me so as he just mentioned my unkempt looks, I became nervous to raise it at him.“But sir,” I protested slowly, “I thought I promised to shave as soon as you grant me a salary advance…” He interposed me, “Can you just listen to yourself, Mr. Brian? We have never employed any driver with a salary advance and you are not going to change that tide. Do you understand me? This is Melody Cab and ef
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I reject you
Father wasn’t at home when I got in. in our lonely empty, crammed room, I dropped on the floor and wept bitterly for my life while I relived my agony in jail and this past few days.When I heard a shuffling walker close by, I wiped my tears and perked up hastily so as not to give him the room to chastise me for losing a job.He halted at the door upon gazing on me. I could perceive the suspicion and confusion which beclouded his wrinkled face.“You are not supposed to be at home by this time, Brian. I thought you told me a driver’s job which you secured today. “His gloomy brooding eyes shot at me, “What happened?”I swallowed hard and felt my heartbeat pound over the innumerable bad news in my life. That driver’s job was supposed to put smiles on his face and pay our bills. I had told him the salary and I could recall his excitement over the phone. Maybe I was too quick to dispense news of a job I wasn’t too sure of. Sometimes I felt I should be blamed for all the pitfalls in my life.
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We can’t work with an ex convict
I wasn’t going to give up and I would never give up, probably until I got a job to pay up my family’s debt.As for finding my true identity; that was a fate I couldn’t decide and may never be certain about. If I should get to know who my true family was, it might be a plus because my adopted father had rubbed it on my face so much that it was already becoming a night mare.My true identity was as important as surviving.Father had done me good by steering in me, the awareness that I wasn’t actually his blood child and that he had only fostered me to this age. Perhaps that was the beginning of my true identity.Right now I knew who I was; an adopted child, a child found wandering on the streets of Rio Hondo and fostered by him, a no body a ragged, poverty-stricken unkempt, body odor boy who barely survived a fifteen years jail term over a fraud I didn’t commit.I was just a common Brian Patrick; a disappointment and failure about to happen. For now and until I discovered my true identi
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Go to the street, stand, and beg
“Happy birthday Sarah Canon!” “Oh it is your day Sarah! We can’t wait to cut the cake and give you our expensive gifts!” A female voice sounded from a Masarati, once the car halted by the side of Sarah Sarah blushed, had her soft, well-toned, hands on her mouth in awe. I perched behind a tree, staring at Sarah Canon hoping my help was going to come from her, as she was the last resort that struck in my head. Sarah Canon was the only child and daughter of the oil magnate Canon Johnson. No doubt she was the daughter of a billionaire whose outrageous arrogant character I got to know when she visited the Morgan Group to clench an oil distribution contract with Morgan Harris. At the time she had concluded her conference meeting with Morgan and his stake holders and didn’t know how Lala, a mastiff and our security dog got released on her. She was helpless; all she did was scream at the tops of her voice. I was at the account department at the time, collecting documents which I would de
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