Becoming the Richest Man and Taking Revenge

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Becoming the Richest Man and Taking Revenge

By: lucky OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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A psychiatric nurse named Ace Barnas was treated harshly by Dallen Dariel Lay, because of his ambition to marry his daughter, Agnes Brianna. Dallen felt ashamed if his daughter married someone whose job was to care for the insane. Ace's ambition made Dallen dare to kill Ace, Agnes and Felix. However, Bob, who is Dallen's bodyguard, breaks his agreement with Dallen to throw Ace and Felix into the sea. Bob couldn't save Felix, but he managed to save Ace's life. The death of Agnes and Felix left Ace depressed. But Ace gained hope for life and revenge against Dallen, after accepting Bob's offer of cooperation. Ace eventually became a billionaire as his company was number one in the world. In addition, Ace also has Meghan who will help him to take revenge. It's been a long journey between Ace and his two partners. Although Ace has the money, wealth, and power that can kill Dallen in a blink of an eye, Ace wants more than that. Ace wants Dallen to suffer.

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Agnes' Parents' Harsh Treatment of Ace
In an empty warehouse, there was a man who suffered greatly from his ambition. Even though he asked the parents of the woman he loved for their most sincere blessing, they still opposed his marriage to their daughter. Ace Barnes, a man who was orphaned and had one brother who was mentally ill. Ace, who works as a psychiatric nurse, is looked down upon by the Lay family, owners of the largest Electronics company in the country. They couldn't accept their daughter who was a lawyer marrying a lowly nurse, who only lived with the insane in the hospital. " Dad... Please stop," he whispered. Dallen Dariel Lay did not hear his. He kept stepping on Ace's left foot and twisting it, hitting Ace's head with a golf club, slapping him, pouring water over his scarred and bleeding face. Now he was helpless. His body was broken, his blood wouldn't stop coming out, and his heart was broken. He always had no energy when he met the Lay family. He always thought of Agnes, Lay's current girlfriend. If
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Dallen locked Ace in the basement
Agnes and Ace were taken by Dallen to his house. Agnes received treatment for the wounds made by her father, while Ace was locked up in the basement. This basement was very cold. He was even put in Dallen's prison cell. Ace's body was shivering, his wounds untreated. Dallen pretended to Agnes that Ace was being treated in his father's room. Not only was Ace locked up, his hands and feet were bound. His mouth was duct-taped with black tape. It was so painful. The humid room was like hell. Although Agnes had let Ace go, Dallen had not. He wanted to torture Ace more and more. Dallen wanted to make Ace suffer so much that he begged for death. "Agnes, I'm sorry," Ace said in his heart.Ace leaned his back against the wall. He was having trouble breathing because of the duct tape. Hoping that the desperate man's tears would loosen the duct tape, then cry harder. Yes, men are human too. He deserves to cry if he's really hurt. Tears rolled down his scarred cheeks and blood flowed from hi
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Press Conference
Today was Agnes' funeral. At Lay's residence, journalists had been waiting outside the house since dawn. They were willing to camp on the side of the road just to get clear information. Although they knew that Dallen would be holding a press conference later in the afternoon, the stubborn reporters wanted to see Agnes now. Agnes is active on social media, so journalists and outsiders alike know that Agnes has a kind and fun personality. Not only reporters, but art lovers also came to Lay's residence. Agnes is a lawyer because her father told her to. Although she wanted to be a famous painter and singer. But she managed to share a bit of her talent on social media. A perfect woman like Agnes died, like a dream for someone who truly loved her.A white car was seen putting the coffin inside. Some reporters saw it and immediately took pictures with sobs. "Agnes, I want to see you live longer!""The Lay family had a great and generous daughter!""What a pity, she was going to get marrie
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A Bid for Revenge
The man wearing the equipment was Ace. From earlier, he could only watch the news on television, about the death of his girlfriend and her slander. Just like Agnes said, Ace couldn't protect Agnes. Then the man beside Ace was Bob, Dallen's bodyguard. He had orders to kill Ace and throw him into the sea, along with Felix. But he didn't carry out the order. "Why are you here? Did Dallen tell you to keep an eye on me?" Ace asked in a heavy voice. Ace currently had no idea about why he was brought here. Even though Ace was lying weak and receiving treatment, Ace knew that this place was not a hospital, but a bedroom. He had many questions, but Bob would explain everything. Bob took a chair to sit next to Ace. He put two hands on his chin. "Alright, I'll explain everything. I'm Bob, you know, I'm Dallen's bodyguard. He told me to kill you, but I didn't want to do it. Then, he also wanted me to throw Felix and you into the sea, so that no one could find you. But don't worry, Felix was b
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Go To Torre Alta Country
"Sir, here are the documents you need." A woman with a tall body, fair skin, flowing black hair, and large breasts delivered the documents to Ace with her mischievous behavior. Yes, Ace's life now was different from his previous life. Ace was not a psychiatric nurse anymore. He was the CEO of the AB Electronics company. A company that produced high quality electronic goods with luxurious models. In recent years, Ace has been able to compete with companies from all over the world. Everyone knew about this new company that had been running for seven years. Everyone, from any country, wants the goods released from the AB Electronics company, even if they have to spend a lot of money. According to rumors, people who buy electronics from this company are state officials, actors, and even rich people in all countries. People with middle to lower income need to save longer to buy AB Elektronik products. The reason everyone wants it is not because it's luxurious, but AB Elektronik's produc
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Ace, Don't Go To Bob's House
A private plane was waiting for Ace. Several of Ace's bodyguards were lined up neatly in a long line. They wore black suits and sunglasses. Then the man who was their boss walked over while fixing his rolex watch. Ace wore a black suit and pants, with a white shirt and gray tie with a checkered pattern. Not to forget, he was wearing square-shaped anti-radiation glasses. The glasses were a gift from Agnes. He still wears them today. Her suitcase was carried by the BodyGuard, and the bag containing important documents was held by Meghan. "You always look great with those glasses. You look more mature," Meghan said to Ace. Ace smiled in return. Meanwhile, Meghan wore a red shirt, with a black suit and short skirt. She also wore seven-centimeter high heels. They went up the stairs of the plane, and sat in the middle. While the front and rear benches were filled by the BodyGuard. They were ready to depart for the country of Torre Alta, with business development and revenge as their m
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Meghan's First Step
Seeing Ace panicking, Meghan also felt uneasy. "What if I look into the situation at Bob's house?" Meghan made an offer to Ace. "What would you do at Bob's house?" Ace asked. He frowned in disbelief, even though Meghan had worked with him several times and Meghan was a smart person. Meghan clapped her hands in front of Ace's face. "Good question. I'll be working for you, starting today. You'd be surprised what I'm going to do," Meghan said as she went to the back seat, opened her suitcase and then she started to undress. "You crazy woman! Are you going to change here?!" Ace always got goosebumps from Meghan's outrageous actions. Meghan always surprised everyone. Ace and his driver got out of the car quickly. But there was something that made Ace uncomfortable. It was the women's stares at him. In the past, Ace had never gotten such stares from women. Apparently, living abroad as well as here, many women liked him. Building up his muscles and straightening his hair had a good effe
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No One Can Replace Agnes
"What?! Then what did you say?" Meghan was in such a panic that she checked every corner of the room with her sophisticated device that could detect eavesdroppers or small CCTVs. Sound!"Take it easy, it's because of the CCTV in this room," Bob said while showing the CCTV in the living room. Meghan sighed with relief. At least, no one knows their conversation now. Bob continued talking. "Dallen seems to suspect me about Ace and Felix. But luckily, I have a video of me dumping two suitcases. What Dallen knows is that the two suitcases are Ace and Felix, even though I only put the two suitcases with dolls," he continued. "So what are you going to do now?" Meghan asked Bob. "It seems like it would be too long to talk here. What if you make me meet Ace? I have a lot to tell him, because a lot has happened here," Bob asked and Meghan agreed. Meghan and Bob went to the hotel where Ace was staying. They left by taxi and at separate times. To be careful, if Dallen or his BodyGuard were
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A Reporter Killed by Dallen
Ace had spent two months in Torre Alta. His only daily activity is working as the CEO, but he has not yet dared to enter the AB Elektronik office in Torre Alta. He always asks his right-hand man to keep an eye on the company's development in this branch of the country. Because the easiest job was for the company's position in Torre Alta to become number one, then Dallen's company could collapse and it was difficult to find the company's identity. Although Ace was working at home, he was earning more and more. The sales rate was getting higher from various countries, many of which were interested in his products. Meanwhile, Ace also enjoyed creating new products that attracted more attention. To Ace's surprise, when he had two electronic products that were limited, that is, there were only two in the whole world, a person named Dallen from a large company in Torre Alta blatantly bought to the company center. But unfortunately, the product was sold out. Dallen lost his chance. Hearing
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Ace Send Package
The next day, as the sun was about to set, Ace was getting ready to change his clothes. He wore a blue suit and, not forgetting, a logo of the express company. Ace packed the necessary items. Replaced his watch with the cheapest and most common watch on the market. Wore a black hat and hid half of his face. Sprayed a strange perfume with the smell of the sun. Then, Ace chose a white car that was often used by expresses. Before leaving, he made an express logo on his car. The car looked very similar to a delivery car. Ace got into the car. Occasionally, Ace looked back to see the large items that Ace had neatly packed. With a serious expression, Ace started to get out of the trunk and was ready to deliver the goods. "Today's weather is great for surprises," Ace said in his car. On the way, Ace listened to the radio, which was reporting on Ace's company. He couldn't stop smiling, as his company was getting more and more successful. On the radio program, an announcer invited someone
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