Chapter 611
The demon ritual has began!!

The dragon symbol on the sword flashed slightly and she held it tightly.

"Destroy!" She commanded with a possessed voice.

Robert could be seen emerging out of a room in amC with Glenn following him behind wriggling the cable he held.

"Instead of being on a battlefield, am literally your servant boy down here, " Glenn complained.

"It isn't your fight Glenn, carrying a frying pan into a missile fight is suicidal."

"It's a shovel, Mr. Robert, and by the way, it isn't a missile fight."

"I was only using that as an example." He replied and they got into the main base.

"Hey, Hey, I warned you not to touch anything." He yelled at Doris who was climbing the swivel chair in front of a glass table.

He carried her down swiftly and climbed up the podium with Robert.

"Connect the HDMI cable to the screen, give me a sec, I'll be back, " Xavier told Glenn and raced down the podium at the center of the room.

He entered another enclosed room and soon returned with
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