Upon hearing that, Jeffery was completely stunned.

"James, what did you say?"

Isaac had lost all his hopes. He was howling like a mad dog and said, "What makes you think that my godfather will listen to you?

He is Jeffery Dick!"

"No matter... No matter where he is, be it in Sunshine or other places, no one dares to mess with him "Really, Mr. Dick? If what you say is true, why is your godfather kneeling here?"

Davis gloated at him. "That is because...

Godfather, what are you doing? Please get up! Why do you need to kneel before this piece of useless trash?

You..." Isaac did not know how to reply Davis. He started wailing and shouting at Jeffery.

Before Isaac finished his sentence, James pulled the trigger suddenly. The bullet brushed past his ear and hit a statue in the center of the lobby of the hotel. The bullet that came out of the gun hit the statue directly on its head.

A loud bang was heard when the statue's head broke into half.

Then the statue fell on the ground and broke into
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