Jeffery's body cringed as he felt the pain after James kicked him. However, very quickly, two members in the black camo suits came between two of them.

"James..." Jeffery tried to bear the pain in his body and covered his face. He wanted to save face and give himself a last trace of pride. He scoffed, "Don't think I am scared because of what you had planned and arranged!"

"Let me tell you! I... I am not afraid. I started making a living when I was 12 years old. I had to fight my way through, and I have seen so many bloody fights, confrontations and upheavals. I got through them all. Do you think I will be defeated today?"

"If you let me off today, we will talk it out. I will also forget that this matter had ever happened." Although Jeffery did not know who James really was, he already had a taste of what he was capable of. Now, he was trapped and unable to do anything. He had to do some sweet talk and get out of this humiliation.

If not, he would not be able to survive in Sunshine or
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