Chapter 25: Desperate
Alex's point of view:

I narrowed my eyes at the man blocking my way.

I didn't do anything suspicious except drink with that lady, so I knew he was playing mind games ,to see if I would say anything to implicate me.

“What are you talking about?” I asked him with a glare and he scoffed.

“You purposely got her drunk.” He replied and I rolled my eyes.

“Don't be silly, if I purposely got her drunk , why didn't I take her away, why would I get her drunk and let her call someone to take her back home, are you sure you are okay?” I asked him.

So that man ogling her wasn't the only one who had his eyes on me.

I wonder if this is her bodyguard.

He must be insane.

The girl was already half drunk when I walked in, she always likes hurting drunk and videoing her silly reactions and posting it online for comments.

“I know you wanted to do something to her, just because I didn't catch you in the act doesn't mean that you can get away with what you did.” he told me as he took steps closer to me.


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